Dr. Ichak Adizes explores the relationship between feelings and breath, and feelings and posture. He looks at their interdependence, and how to use this awareness to improve our state of being and our level of happiness, as well as the analogous functionality of organizations.

You can detect how a person is feeling by their breathing. Please try the following exercises so you can experience what I am trying to communicate:

First, take a deep breath, inhaling slowly. Now exhale quickly. Repeat several times. How do you feel? You are probably feeling angry. The faster you breathe like this, the angrier you get.

Next, try the opposite breathing technique: inhale quickly, exhale slowly. Repeat several times. How do you feel? You’re relaxing, right?

Next, try breathing with a fast inhalation and fast exhalation. Do you feel panic?

Finally, inhale slowly and exhale slowly. You are sleepy or very relaxed.

If you want to control your emotions, first be aware of your breath. If you feel angry, change how you are breathing. Change from a slow inhalation and fast exhalation to fast inhalation and slow exhalation. Notice that your anger is subsiding.
How to manage feelings: form-function interdependence — by Dr. Ichak Adizes