Are you aware of how the words coming out of your mouth are affecting you? Do you realize that every word you speak is a manifesting generator of the reality you end up experiencing? Words matter for several reasons. They can quite literally change the way your mind perceives something.

As linguists and neuroscientists have already proven what was always true, the words you speak shape the world you see. Words aren’t mere labels for objects or ideas. In fact, language can limit you by focusing your perception, attention, and thoughts on a more narrow band of Reality.

I notice that when I speak or think in Polish, I almost take on a slightly different personality. I become aware of myself engaging with thoughts and others in a way that is altered from how I do when speaking in English. When I have spoken in Spanish, Thai, or Lao for an extended period of time, I noticed that it is almost as if the words carried with them the energy of all those who spoke them before me, imprinting a specific way of engaging with others I used the words in that language to communicate with. Even mannerisms would change.

How We Understand Reality
How the Words We Speak Either Enslave or Liberate Us — by Paul Lenda