Hold up your hand if you have been too busy lately to really love and nurture yourself.

Hold up your hand if there is a little voice inside your head reciting every reason under the sun why you can’t put time aside for you…

Hold up your hand if you feel that you are swamped with responsibility, kids, job, partner, life’s events, chores, people, pets, pressure, deadlines, the end of the world, demands, demands, demands.

Hold up you hand if, on a level, you feel guilty, unworthy, ashamed or just plain scared of who you would be if you truly truly were yourself.

If you are holding your hand up to any of these things, then I honour you. I am holding up my hand right there with you.

Busy,busy, busy
Loving YOU! – The Most Divine Gift You Can Give Both Yourself and The World — by Trinity Bourne