“It is awfully hard work doing nothing” ~ Oscar Wilde
It is an art. I realised that during my mid-term holidays from school. My routine life kept me on my toes. My entire day was spent completing tasks and doing chores, and I had completely forgotten what it’s like to do NOTHING at all.

When the holidays began, and I had no work from school, my mind was still stuck in work mode. I felt that I needed to do this, or should I do that or reply to a mail and so on and so forth. I actually began to feel guilty about not doing anything at all. Not only that, but I couldn’t just relax and enjoy the nothingness.

Although this wasn’t the case a while ago, as my life’s pace wasn’t dictated by my job. We lived in the countryside and things were never rushed like the way it is in an urban setup. Since we moved back to the city a year and a half ago, I felt that I had to constantly do something, be on the go, and even the train of thoughts kept me on the same track.

But then I realised what I was doing to myself – feeling stressed out, overworked, anxious, and I had become irritable. Then came ‘Niksen’ to the rescue.
Niksen : The Astounding Art of Doing Nothing — by Bhavika