Sarah Naylor shares her personal emotional journey from poor self-esteem and negativity to love, confidence, clarity and purpose in life. The wonderful thing is the ease with which it happened.

Over the years I’ve been practicing Heartfulness, I’ve experienced countless positive changes in myself, which others have noticed and commented upon. I’ve gone from being fearful and depressed to generally happy and relaxed. From feeling lost and muddled, with poor self-esteem, I’ve developed confidence and clarity. A life which felt rather lonely and pointless now feels filled with love and purpose. The amazing thing is that I don’t seem to have done very much to enjoy these benefits.

There is a popular belief that in order to change yourself and clear negative traits and behavioral patterns, you need to roll up your sleeves and work hard, devoting time, analysis and willpower. It’s almost as though you are a sculptor dissatisfied with your work, and you have to chip and carve away at yourself to smooth off rough corners and reshape certain unattractive parts of yourself. It takes effort, sweat and tears.

With Heartfulness it is different. As we practice the simple components of Meditation, Cleaning and Prayer, old patterns and unhelpful behaviors simply dissolve and fall away – at times without us even noticing. Aside from these practices, all that is really required is our attention and willingness to look at ourselves honestly.
The magic of pausing — by Sarah Naylor