“Solitude is strength; to depend on the presence of the crowd is weakness. The man who needs a mob to nerve him is much more alone than he imagines.” ~ Paul Brunton
There was a time when I wanted to be surrounded by people – a lot of them. I didn’t enjoy my own company so I guess I didn’t want to be alone. But as the years went by, as I learned to make peace with who I am, and as I discovered how to truly love and accept myself.

I began to realize that there’s great comfort in solitude. And that in fact, the more time I spend alone with myself, the more I enjoy my own company and the more love I seem to have, not just for my close friends and family, but for the whole world.

e Power of Solitude in a World That Is Afraid to Be Alone

“We must become so alone, so utterly alone, that we withdraw into our innermost self. It is a way of bitter suffering. But then our solitude is overcome, we are no longer alone, for we find that our innermost self is the spirit, that it is God, the indivisible. And suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of the world, yet undisturbed by its multiplicity, for our innermost soul we know ourselves to be one with all being.” ~ Hermann Hesse
The Power of Solitude in a World That Is Afraid to Be Alone — by Luminita D. Saviuc