Tomorrow I’ll be posting a new book, entitled Towards a World that Works for Everyone. That lays out the goal. Of the notion, Michael and the Mother have said:

Divine Mother: This change that I speak of, the creation — yes, dear Steve, I use your words — of a world that works for everyone, everyone and every being, [will not take] decades or millennia.

Archangel Michael: Creating a world that works for everyone [is a goal] I heartily agree with.

Therefore I can assume that this goal represents her Plan.

Consequently I’m now starting to look at some of what I consider to be the basic postulates of such a society.

Meanwhile, libraries of articles, books, and databases can be found on this site.

You may wish to familiarize yourself with what’s available because the time approaches when we may have to assist the unfamiliar to understand what’s happening in our world.
Time to Look Again at the Postulates of a New Society — by Steve Beckow