I am investing in a new type of technology that may be exceptionally valuable. I have read everything I can and watched all the videos concerning the Defense of Planet Earth technologies and believed in them enough to give the DPE100 a try. It will be arriving next week and I'll install it immediately.

You can watch an introductory video here...

Introduction to the DPE100 and DPE Shield Environment Protection Devices

Here is a specific page that deals with the DPE100 and a couple of the other devices.


I live in a rural setting that frequently gets major storms coming off the ocean. We also feed lots of the wild birds in our ares so we are effectively a small sanctuary for birds and other critters. I personally hope the 5G from satellites that is bathing our earth will be attenuated and keep the birds, insects and creatures from harm. I believe it will help plants flourish to some degree as well but that isn't a primary purpose. The major effect I'm hoping for is the mitigation of disastrous storms in our immediate ares.

The effects of the DPE technology on weather patterns has been experienced and reported upon by a number of users. Here is a PDF of an email I received that included a number of those testimonials.


The larger DPE Shield is a device which protects a 62 mile radius. I would be fascinated to see one of those installed in New Orleans and or the Texas coast which get hit so often by intense storms. If my experiment is successful I hope it might prompt someone from those areas to purchase and install one a DPE Shield.

Here is the page that specifically deals with the DPE Shield.


Here is the US Store for these products.


I'll create a thread in Random Ideas to post my experiences.