“Understand how great is the darkness in which we grope, and never forget the natural-science assumptions with which we started are provisional and revisable things” ~William James
Imagine you are the universe, and the universe is you. Feel it: the raw stardust in your bones, the ancient heat in your blood, the infinite interconnectedness of all things in your gut. Allow the fresh intensity of the moment to transcend all moments from quantum singularity to singular perception.

Looking back, the story of you is thermodynamically layered through the push-and-pull of entropy. You’ve ascended an infinite staircase. One in which began with a singularity, and only now seems to end in a singular perception of it all.

But what if this singular perception is the illusion? What if the billions upon billions of singular perceptions—including those of other humans and animals and even insects—is but only a smaller infinity hidden within a greater infinity? What if it is less true that you are a finite being experiencing the infinite universe, and more true that you are the infinite universe experiencing itself in a finite way?

Governing this precept, the story you’ve been telling yourself is mostly fictional. It’s a multifaceted cake of hyper-delusion. Your “Self” is more multilayered masks than it is a monumental identity. Though you would probably rather the latter were true, the former is closer to the truth.

But the beauty of this is that when you embrace your multifaceted self, you get closer to connecting with the interconnected cosmos and the ever-changing, never-permanent universe itself becomes your monumental identity. You are the multiverse.

Caveat Lector (reader beware): high probability of brain pretzel ahead…

The Many Worlds Theory:
Quantum Self: The Psychology of The Many Worlds Theory — by Gary Z McGee