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Thread: Forum Server Migration Downtime — October 9th, 2021

  1. #1 Forum Server Migration Downtime — October 9th, 2021 
    My ISP is performing a server migration scheduled for Saturday, October 9th, 2021.

    Due to the complex nature of this migration, we expect 8 to 10 hours of downtime between the hours of 3pm EST and 12:00am EST.

    Just an FYI.

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    Well my ISP hoped for a shorter downtime but as many things of great complexity they encountered some unspecified 'issues' (that I'm sure I would not have understood) and the process took 2.5 days. Oh well we're up and running again and supposedly our service will be better than ever. That's hard to beat considering I've had over 99% uptime.

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