Automatic writing is a simple, safe, and powerful way to connect with your Soul.

But don’t be intimidated by the “writing” part!

Automatic writing can be practiced by anyone, from beginners who have just begun their spiritual journey, to seasoned travelers on the inward path.

You don’t have to be a “good writer” or bother about spelling and grammar at all – none of that matters!

Automatic writing is totally intuitive, so the only thing that matters is your heart and underlying intention.

In this article, I want to share with you how to hone this magical skill, even if you have zero experience!

Table of contents

  • What is Automatic Writing?
  • The Benefits of Automatic Writing
  • How to Channel Your Soul Through Automatic Writing

1. Set aside a time and space
2. Think of a question that you want guidance for
3. Relax your mind
4. Enter a gentle trance
5. Allow the flow of information
6. Interpret the information

  • How to Know Whether You’re Really Channeling Your Soul
How to Channel Your Soul Through Automatic Writing — by Aletheia Luna