These are crazy times indeed. Society has become so dysfunctional and dystopic that it’s so easy to become distracted into the external drama. As spiritual beings, working towards the shift into 5D consciousness, we must be very clear where to orientate our ‘ship’ of the soul, and of the aligned landscape we need to sail through. It requires the utmost discipline and focus. Here are some reflections from the Benevolent Mission to that effect.

Nose to the 3D Grindstone or Path of the Soul?

It’s clear the mind can be a great tool, but also a deceiving prison. It helps you pay attention to what’s forming in your 3D landscape and to navigate through. But if you over feed it, then you form limiting landscapes that constantly lower your vibration back into 3D. This is the purposeful design of the shadowstate with all its ongoing dramas and shenanigens – to keep your nose to the 3D grindstone. We would be foolish to get entangled in that trap.

What’s the alternative?
5D Shift: Walking the Path of the Soul Through Crazy Times — by Open