Forgiveness — by Donna D’Ingillo

My children, this is your Father Michael, who once lived on this earth as Jesus. We have given you many lessons on forgiveness over the years and here is one more! Soon, more truth from the past will be revealed to this world. You must prepare for this revelation by asking for forgiveness to pave the way to greater comprehension. What will be revealed will not be easy to witness or understand; therefore your Spirit Mother and I have offered you our loving perspective through forgiveness to help you through this phase of planetary healing and rehabilitation.

Divine love conquers all sin and evil. When you ask to see what is underway on your world through the lens of love, forgiveness is a natural consequence and leads you into a broader viewpoint of reality. Here is where I can assist you, my children, to open to the universe perspective of life that will soothe your feelings and settle your thoughts. When you ask and open to my love for your brothers and sisters and this world, I meet you where you are and take you into the spiritual perspective of life. This provides you the broader context you need to make sense of what corrections are underway on the planet to build the long anticipated spiritual culture. This is a necessary component for humanity to experience deeper cosmic truths that you may accept them and more forward into a bright future.

If you are having difficulty forgiving yourselves, others, and situations on the planet, ask me to show you my perspective. Remember, in my human life as Jesus, I forgave those who brutally treated me. My forgiveness encompasses the whole world and I share this with you to elevate you above the din and fray of cultural chaos. I can only encourage you to try this; the choice to forgive what has transpired on this world is up to you. When you come to me, you will be embraced in divine love that allows the past to fall away. Your heart will be filled with compassion, your mind with comprehension, bringing about an experience of peace. Then forgiveness will seem natural, and you be able to perceive what is underway on the planet with serenity, stability, and security!