Contrary to popular belief, the Divine Feminine isn’t limited only to females.

The Divine Feminine is an energy that we all possess, no matter where we are on the gender spectrum (or lack thereof).

Therefore, this article is for everyone who is interested in creating more inner balance – and shining that out into the world.

As our planet is cast into the horrors of environmental destruction and demise, it is clear that there is an excess of masculine energy.

As a force that is responsible for organizing, ruling, fighting, building, and dominating, masculine energy is certainly useful – but only up until a certain point.

It is now time for the rise of the Divine Feminine. But not just in females (although women certainly have an easier time accessing it), but in all beings.

For our society, for this very planet, to survive, we desperately need to cultivate feminine energies within us, before it’s too late. This inner invocation is a crucial part of our spiritual awakening journey.

Table of contents

  • What is Divine Feminine Energy?
  • Why Masculine Energy is Destroying the Planet
  • Divine Feminine: Out of the Shadows, Into the Light
  • Benefits of Awakening the Divine Feminine
  • 9 Ways to Awaken the Divine Feminine Energy Within You
  • Takeaway

Divine Feminine: 9 Ways to Awaken the Holy Fire of Shakti — by Aletheia Luna