Two years ago, as GreatSchools embarked on research for the second season of our podcast for parents, Like a Sponge, I faced a mounting sense of worry. Our podcast was about the science of learning, but this season would be entirely devoted to the science of character.

Although I’m a big believer in big love and eternal forgiveness (chalk it up to my coastal California roots), the reality is that I’d bought into the old mechanistic dichotomy: cognitive vs. noncognitive, thinking vs. feeling, academics vs. social-emotional learning. Even how we map the two destinations in our bodies differs. Learning happens in the head; character in the heart.

But it wasn’t long after we’d waded into the swelling seas of personal stories and studies that define character science that we began discovering how profoundly intertwined the two realms are: Character profoundly influences every aspect of learning. Drawing from our Like a Sponge podcast, below are four strengths that your children can cultivate—from gratitude to humility—that will help them become better students.

Learning forgiveness can improve kids’ grades
Three more strengths and discussions of all four to go... here...

Four Character Strengths That Can Help Kids Learn — by Carol Lloyd