A Blessing — by Suzanne Morrow

This earth we’re so blessed to dwell on
It holds us and breaths us alive
Awake to the great communication
With Spirit that helps us survive
In this world that’s so filled with sorrow
Challenges beyond our control
Each day this earth lets us borrow
The nutrients to nourish our soul
And when we all gather together
Each on a path of our own
To share the trials we’ve weathered
The inspirations and seeds we have sewn
There’s a blessing that gathers around us
A reminder we are not alone
A peace that settles around us
A purpose we’ve each been shown
As we feast on this food that’s gathered
To nourish our bodies and souls
We give thanks to the lives remembered
That go into filling our bowls

(Suzanne is often asked to recite this poem at gatherings and feasts.)