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Thread: An Unbroken Grace — by Fred Bahnson

  1. #1 An Unbroken Grace — by Fred Bahnson 
    This is a longish article about Barry Lopez.

    "When I first arrived at the home of Barry Lopez one November day in 2018, he pointed to a fresh Douglas fir stump and said, "We had to put down that tree." The Douglas fir was one of many old-growth trees surrounding Barry's home at Finn Rock, Oregon, along the McKenzie River. The tree had become diseased and Barry worried that it might fall on the house, so a few days before my visit, he and a neighbor got out their chainsaws and put down the tree. That's the phrase Barry used, put down, as one might speak with regret after euthanizing an animal." Fred Bahnson reflects on the life of Barry Lopez, a storyteller whose encounters with mystery and the more-than-human informed his practice of writing stories that illuminate and heal."
    I found the article, both about and with Barry Lopez inspiring and was happy I'd encountered it.

    An Unbroken Grace — by Fred Bahnson

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    Horizons — a film about Barry Lopez by Jeremy Seifert

    This film, directed by Jeremy Seifert and written and produced by Fred Bahnson, is a tribute to Barry Lopez’s life and work. Through archival footage and an interview conducted shortly before his death, Barry shares what drove him toward new horizons so that he might help our culture find balance with the living earth.

    Horizons — by Jeremy Seifert

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