A couple of years ago, I compiled a list of 25 basic life skills that should be taught in school (but aren’t).

The readers all chimed in with some great additions to the list. Some of you had thoughtful objections. Interestingly, a lot of you called for a curriculum for each class.

I had no idea there would be a great interest in more class material for these hypothetical classes for life skills.

As I said before, it’s not the government’s job to bring up children, nor should it be. But for all the time spent in school, wouldn’t ‘it be ideal if young people were left with skills that would truly enrich their lives?

I’m not the only one saying we need to train our children better in basic life skills.

A lot of young people get tossed into the world and must learn the hard way how to navigate important life skills like personal finance and career searches. They sometimes discover these painful lessons by crawling back out of debt and spending hours pouring over books. Since 2018 – when I wrote that past article – there have been calls to teach finance in high school.

Just look at these headlines that came out not long ago:

  • Magaziner pushes for mandated financial literacy courses
  • The new bill would require all SC high school students to take a ‘personal finance’ course
  • General Treasurer pushes for personal finance classes

This is not to say that the financial literacy courses won’t be provided by special interests. They very well maybe. But it does show people recognize there is a disconnect in education, and that families are perhaps too overworked or fractured in some cases to provide important wisdom.

It turns out that there’s a great interest in mastering these skills at any age! Myself included. I know I’d love to take these classes any time. Note: these suggestions are geared toward adults, so discretion is advised.

Here, by popular demand, is a selection of educational materials for each of the original 25 life skills: a curriculum for adults.

We can put these skills to use and pass them on to the next generations.

Resources for 25 Basic Life Skills — by Meadow Clark