I want to share with you a powerful 37-minute film that Ben Stewart made from an interview we recorded last summer. Im not sure if Ive ever seen such an effective treatment of what would otherwise be another talking head monologue. Just wow. Thank you Ben!

Watching it, I had the odd experience of learning from my own words. Thats because what Im speaking to in the collective exists in me too. They are the issues Ive been wrestling with my whole life. So, Im not some expert or guru whos got it all figured out; on the contrary, sometimes it seems to me that the reason Im so insistent on speaking is that I, more than anyone, need to hear what I say. The danger for me is that I say it and say it, keeping it on the outside, directing it toward others, but never letting it in. The music and images of this film opened a gateway for the words to come into me. I know they will do the same for many of you.

We decided to release it without ads or paywalls or digital rights management of any sort.
WATCH: And the Music Played the Band Charles Eisenstein Mini-Doc