Your Loving Divinity

When you were a little and you believed everything grown ups told you?

Pure, innocent and at one with your loving Divinity; with a heart overflowing with love and a that seemed unbreakable, you yourself completely into the arms of those you loved, trusting others with your life and believing the world to always know what’s best for you.

You were just a little child and saw the world through the purity of your own eyes: always trustworthy, honest, and loving.

But time went by. You grew . And little by little you began to draw a line between you and your Divinity. In doing so, you began to notice that the world was nothing like you thought it was. And neither were its people.

The Separation from Your Divinity
Your Loving Divinity: On Making Peace with Your Divinity — by Luminita D. Saviuc