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Sona Jobarteh Human beings, just as a race, as a species, they have universalities of course, we know that. But music demonstrates that in a very bold way. Because, at our core, we respond to certain things and that that is universal. Nobody needs to talk about happiness in Gambia or happiness in the US or happiness in China or Japan or whatever. Happiness is happiness.

You know, what might bring it about is different, but your experience of that emotion is still the same. And thatís where music comes in, is that no matter what nationality itís from, where itís from, who is experiencing, what set of circumstances in that particular personís life made this song mean something to them, thatís all different. But at the end of the day, the emotion felt is shared.
PODCAST ó Episode 89: How Music Can Bridge Cultures ó Sona Jobarteh