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Thread: One Liners from the Urantia Book (OK sometimes two-liners)

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    "Your individual Adjusters work to spiritize you in the hope of eternalizing your temporal identity."

    107:6.2 (1182.4)

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    "In our evolving universe of relative perfection and imperfection we rejoice that disagreement and misunderstanding are possible, for thereby is evidenced the fact and the act of personality in the universe."

    75:8.7 (846.6)

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    "Adjudication is the highest function of any government, and those who are intrusted with verdict rendering should be chosen from the highest and most noble types of the most experienced and understanding individuals."

    22:4.3 (247.2)

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    "The sense of evolutionary duty and the obligations consequent upon the illumination of revelation make such a profound impression upon man's moral nature that he finally reaches that position of mind and that attitude of soul where he concludes that he has no right not to believe in God."

    101:1.7 (1105.4)

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    "Seasons and temperature variations occur on all sunlighted and sun-heated planets. Agriculture is universal on all atmospheric worlds; tilling the soil is the one pursuit that is common to the advancing races of all such planets."

    49:4.5 (564.7)

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    "The religionist, not religion, proves the existence of the spirit realities and divine values which are to be encountered in the progress of eternity."

    195:7.23 (2080.8)

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