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Thread: One Liners from the Urantia Book (OK sometimes two-liners)

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    "The highest evidence of the reality and efficacy of religion consists in the fact of human experience; namely, that man, naturally fearful and suspicious ... is willing fully to trust the deepest interests of his present and future to the keeping and direction of that power and person designated by his faith as God."

    102:8.1 (1127.5)

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    "Religionists must function in society, in industry, and in politics as individuals, not as groups, parties, or institutions."

    99:2.3 (1087.6)

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    "There sojourns within each moral being of this planet a fragment of God, a part and parcel of divinity. It is not yet yours by right of possession, but it is designedly intended to be one with you if you survive the mortal existence."

    1:4.3 (26.5)

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    "Mortal existence must be visualized as consisting in the intriguing and fascinating experience of the realization of the reality of the meeting of the human upreach and the divine and saving downreach."

    102:6.10 (1125.5)

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    "In the lives of ... moral beings the golden rule becomes the wise center and circumference of all their philosophy."

    180:5.6 (1950.1)

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    "The enforced associations of family life stabilize personality and stimulate its growth through the compulsion of necessitous adjustment to other and diverse personalities."

    84:7.30 (942.1)

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