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Thread: One Liners from the Urantia Book (OK sometimes two-liners)

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    "The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained."

    48:7.30 (557.14)

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    "There really is a true and genuine inner voice, that 'true light which lights every man who comes into the world.' "

    101:0.3 (1104.3)

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    "You cannot put spiritual joy under a microscope; you cannot weigh love in a balance; you cannot measure moral values; neither can you estimate the quality of spiritual worship."

    196:3.18 (2095.2)

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    "Worship is the act of a part identifying itself with the Whole; the finite with the Infinite; the son with the Father; time in the act of striking step with eternity."

    143:7.8 (1616.10)

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    "Let the term 'faith' stand for the individual's relation to God rather than for the creedal formulation of what some group of mortals have been able to agree upon as a common religious attitude."

    99:5.7 (1091.6)

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    "The goal of human self-realization should be spiritual, not material. The only realities worth striving for are divine, spiritual, and eternal."

    100:2.6 (1096.3)

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