I met Suzanne recently, to my great delight. She is one of those people who has been living a spiritual life of progressive awakening. That means there have been buth great joys and great tribulations. For most of us who are growing into our awareness of Love it is a tumultous process. She is a minister, officiant at weddings, counsels individuals and couples, has been holding monthly women's gatherings at the full moon in a very large teepee for the last 28 years, performs therapeutic massage and more.

One element of her present life that I appreciated instantly is a daily creative practice. Each morning Suzanne engages in a period of meditation. She takes the creative spirit recieved from those daily periods of internal quiet and turns it into poetry. They rhyme. Imagine that! I love her work. While I appreciate spoken word poetry, slam poetry and poetry that relies on the visual image on the page to parse it, there was something incredibly appealing to me in the musical lilt provided by rhyming.

There was just one problem. Her poetry resides in hand-written journels. I discovered that she, too would like to share these works with an audience but how to do so was a stumbling block. For many people who are intimates of both Mother Nature and human nature, the world of computers is a bit cold and alienating. I sought to bridge the gap between heart and technology for Suzanne because I wish to help share her work with other people. I find it uplifting.

So that's why this forum came into existence.