Debbie posits a question about the nature of balanced spirituality and procedes to use lots of answers to question our assumptions. For example...

"So what stands in the way of the integration of our physical and spiritual worlds (right- and left-brain hemispheres; our East and West?) Is it our ego, illusions, or maybe we are just not emotionally evolved enough to handle living in both realms? It can take a lot of courage to confront the idea that our ego does not dominate. Is it part of our living in the West, the world of left-brained activity, versus living in the East, our right-brain receptivity?

To live more harmoniously and successfully, one cannot take dominion over the other. We must find ways to integrate. We can do so by engaging in mindfulness meditation in order to clear our minds and allow releasing of the less dominant right brain. As the Beatles so wisely put it, “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. It is not dying.”

The World of Action Versus Spirituality — by Debbie Peluso