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Thread: Topic: Freedom — started by Welles

  1. #91 Freedom Isn’t As Scary As We’re Told — by Gregory Sams 
    Does anybody truly believe that one day we will have enough rules, regulations and enforcement officers to impose peace and harmony upon humankind? Once we have criminalised every twitch of disrespect or discrimination against other races, religions, genders, body shapes and sexualities, will we achieve social harmony? Once every single communication between human beings is monitored by central security services, will we have an end to all crimes of violence? When every child is vaccinated against every known disease will we exterminate illness?

    Our society is shaped by the belief that ‘Yes’ is the answer to the above questions, accepting that a strong central state is the only mechanism through which to achieve social order, health, food safety, welfare, medical standards, education, clean air, security, and a list of ‘vital’ functions that vary from nation to nation. When I visited Zimbabwe in the 1980s I was amused to see that production of toilet paper was a state-run monopoly. In France, the Toubon Law regulates the music broadcast on radio, in concert with other regulations designed to uphold ‘Frenchness.’

    We must question why so many human affairs need to be directed by the firm hand of the state, whose primary tool is that of coercion. Coercion is the threat of damage to those who do not comply with directions coming from those who give them. It is a heavy-handed tool with an unnerving tendency to bring about unintended results. As David Friedman put it, “The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.”
    Freedom Isn’t As Scary As We’re Told — by Gregory Sams

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  2. #92 How To Be A Mentally Sovereign Human — by Caitlin Johnstone 
    We all showed up naked, slimy and clueless in a world of inexplicable sensory input we couldn’t make head or tail out of. We were then taught what’s what by people who showed up under the exact same circumstances a blink of an eye earlier.

    The amniotic fluid is barely washed from our tiny naked bodies before we find ourselves in a marriage and a day job, staring down at a small pair of eyes looking up to us for guidance.

    This is not a good environment for developing mental sovereignty, the ownership and authorship of your own cognitive relationship with life.

    Stepping into the world as a small person is like stepping completely unarmored onto a battlefield with live ammunition flying in all directions, except instead of bullets, it’s narrative.

    On one side of the battlefield you’ve got your family with rifles and side-arms firing their stories about what’s important in life, what the world is like, how people should deal with problems, and what society ought to look like.

    On another side you’ve got teachers and preachers armed with shotguns spraying buckshot about the beliefs that various power structures want you to have about your experience on this earth.

    On another side you’ve got the advertisers, armed with machine guns, hammering anything that moves with narratives about inadequacy and problems you never knew you had.

    And, raining bombs from above, you’ve got the mass media propagandists.

    You’re not going to make it off of that field without sustaining significant damage. You never stood a chance, really. At best you’re going to spend a long time picking slugs, bullets and shrapnel out of your flesh and stitching up the wounds that they caused, and that’s assuming you’re one of the lucky few who makes it off the field at all. Most just absorb the beliefs that get blasted into them in the frenzy of living and keep almost all of them.
    How To Be A Mentally Sovereign Human — by Caitlin Johnstone

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  3. #93 The Primary Mechanism Of Your Oppression Is Not Hidden At All — by Caitlin Johnstone 
    The nonstop campaign by bought politicians, owned news outlets, and manipulated social media platforms to control the dominant narratives about what's going on in the world contribute vastly more to the sickness of our society than government secrecy does. We know this from experience: any time a whistleblower exposes secret information about the malfeasance of powerful governments like NSA surveillance or Collateral Murder, we see not public accountability, nor demands for sweeping systemic changes to prevent such malfeasance from reoccurring, but a bunch of narrative management from the political/media class.

    This narrative management is used to shift attention away from the information that was revealed and onto the fact that the person who revealed it broke the law or misbehaved in some way. It's used to convince people that the revelations aren't actually a big deal, or that it was already basically public knowledge anyway. And it's used to manipulate public attention on to the next hot story of the day and memory hole it underneath the white noise of the media news churn. And nothing changes.

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  4. #94 The Higher Power is YOU! — by Patrick J. Herbert 
    Only you can save you. It begins with you making the decision that you want to be saved. Nobody else can do this for you.

    A psychiatrist will tell you that you are helpless, and that only they can save you from your own thinking. There is simply no sustainable income for them if they actually heal you and fix the problem. They intend to keep you a victim to continue to make a profit off of you.

    The message is the same: Follow, don’t lead. Surrender your authority and don’t think for yourself. Give away your power and be a victim. Be dependent, not self-sufficient.

    It is your core beliefs that manifest into the reality you experience.

    These beliefs belong to you, but they are not always from you. When we are born, everything and everybody is bombarding us with their own belief systems: from our parents and teachers, priests and doctors, all the way up to or our so-called “leaders”.

    So, it is ultimately their beliefs that we end up manifesting into our own reality until we become aware of this fact and begin to think for ourselves.

    They absolutely do not want you to think for yourself. Examine your own experience here on this plane of existence, and you will see this clearly.
    The Higher Power is YOU! — by Patrick J. Herbert

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  5. #95 The Freedom Checklist – What Every Human Being Needs to Know — by Cherie Roe Dirksen 
    Let’s get straight to the juicy bit of this article — either you’re going to have an ‘a-ha’ moment or you are going to have to beat yourself over the head a couple of times with a bat to whack the sense home.

    You were born here on planet Earth and the global problems were here, social structure (no matter how much you may dislike it) was already in place. Thanks to our ancestors, the worlds configuration was in place the moment you catapulted into reality — the good, the bad and the ugly. You are not responsible for what came before you. However, you ARE responsible for how you affect the world with your presence from this moment onwards. Every choice you make is part and parcel to your responsibility. Own it.

    You were born on planet Earth and you needed to work out some of your own lessons and you’re doing great. When you decide to shift your focus onto another person’s lessons and try to tamper with their version of reality — you have made a crucial mistake. You don’t think the other person is not capable of handling their own lives, so you intervene. You may think you need to because your version of reality and what you think is the right way as it is working so well for you. True?

    Nope. It is YOUR truth but it may not necessarily be another’s. When you try to control another individual or their path you are basically saying that they are weak and you are strong. Oops…not very nice. What’s more is you’re not even helping yourself out, you’re just taking on extra baggage.
    The Freedom Checklist – What Every Human Being Needs to Know — by Cherie Roe Dirksen

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  6. #96 We Need to Wake Up to Protect Our Basic Freedoms — by Rachel Horton White 
    In this time, bringing in light to envelope the world is essential to eliminate the control by those who want to create dystopian totalitarianism.

    This is an important time not only to pray for humanity’s freedom, and also to speak up that we do not consent to the mass surveillance/tracking/forced vaccinations that are being proposed right now. This is part of the New World Order agenda that I am pretty sure most of us do not want to live in (they are counting on people, out of their fear of getting sick, to cede all freedom to the government). This is not only an illegal breach of our Constitutional rights, but violates Divine laws of free will. Unless, of course the people consent.

    And that is where each of you come in.

    Let’s think with our hearts and not allow the media to tell us what to think or believe when they share the worst possible horror stories, as heartbreaking as they are. We can see with our own eyes the truth if one chooses to see.

    Meditation and connecting with light will open the third eye, allowing the news to tell you what to think will keep it closed.
    We Need to Wake Up to Protect Our Basic Freedoms — by Rachel Horton White

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  7. #97 Hope For Free Speech – The World Rallies To Support Brian Rose’s New Censorship Free 
    Most average people really have no idea just how much the information they see on the internet and social media is censored by government and big tech. Perhaps if they knew they would rise up and do something about it, and recent events are bringing this reality home to many more people than ever before.

    Emerging as a spokesperson and hero for the free speech is Brian Rose, founder of London Real. His primary focus has been on interviewing top-tiered and respectable guests from his London studios, and he has always maintained an open mind, even when someone like David Icke blows his mind wide open.

    As the Coronavirus crisis set in, censorship of vaccine information, 5G concerns, and natural options for boosting the immune system and surviving the virus were instantly suppressed. When the BBC had YouTube remove a wildly popular interview with Rose and Icke, millions of people suddenly realized that their free speech was in serious jeopardy.

    Demonstrating a ray of hope in these darkening times, Rose recently announced that public support for his stance in favor of free speech was so overwhelming that he was able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a new livestreaming platform which will subvert corporate censorship and allow people like to say whatever they wish, no matter who disagrees with them.
    Hope For Free Speech – The World Rallies To Support Brian Rose’s New Censorship Free Streaming Platform — by Phillip Schneider

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  8. #98 The Science of Fear: How the Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free 
    Fear is one of the most powerful tools the elites have at their disposal. Using the mainstream media, politicians and others who want world domination can inject fear into the public at the drop of a hat, making them easy to manipulate and control.

    Aristotle once said: “He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.” Fear is a powerful weapon, and it’s been used globally for the past few months. People have shown that the instant the media tells them to live a life scared in their homes, they will comply in order to “stay safe.” Whether the virus is real or not, is not the point. The elitists must keep the public in a constant state of panic in order to control them. Unafraid and compassionate people are impossible to control.

    Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the propaganda was injected into schools to eliminate critical thinking.
    There's much more to Mac's article.

    The Science of Fear: How the Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free — by Mac Slavo

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  9. #99 The People Will Rise — by Julian Rose 
    “We are done with fake democracy and undisguised top-down exploitation.”

    There is only one solution for the insane mess that goes under the name of ‘democracy’ today, and that is to return to human scale largely self governing communities.

    This was the great cry that went up in 1381 as the farmer revolutionary Wat Tyler jumped up onto a hay cart to denounce the despotic power mongering of the barons operating under the mantle of King Richard II. It was the pronouncement that sparked the ‘peasants revolt’.

    Wat and his loyal army of peasants struck a highly resonant chord amongst the down-trodden countryside community of that time. Communities forced to pay poverty inducing tithes to the despotic barons while struggling to feed their families on the meagre acreage accorded to them.

    If that sounds familiar, it’s hardly surprising. Just substitute ‘government’ for barons and ‘taxation’ for tithes and one immediately sees how the top down grip over working people has failed to change over the past six hundred or so years.
    The People Will Rise — by Julian Rose

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  10. #100 What Freedom Means to Me — by Julia Parsell 
    The state of liberation.

    Liberated in soul.

    Not bound by others opinions, desires or anything that takes one from their own soul purpose.

    Freedom does not step or squash on another’s ability to follow their own path, it welcomes diversity.

    Freedom is expansive and explosive.

    It creates space and it’s energy is light that flickers to all in goodness, grace and generosity.

    Freedom is both a right and a privilege.

    The Soul Inhabits the Body

    All are born free. Some experience bondage in the physical realm or by the conditioning of the mind. Even in physical bondage the soul is free, it is the mind that captures and keeps one bound. The great privilege of a body allows the soul to have many experiences. Some pleasant, some not, but as one recognizes the soul as eternal and the body as a transporter, then experiences become just that: an experience. Experiences have the ability to transform the self that inhabits the body. The self is the ego part of the experience. Remember the soul inhabits the body, it is eternal wise, rational, and free.
    What Freedom Means to Me — by Julia Parsell

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