Someone asked some pertinent questions about how this particular LFL works. Here they are...

1. So how exactly dos the library work?

I put it up and will see what happens. In just a couple of days there have some books taken and some new ones added. So far people are donating books of value. Nobody has just dumped junkers. Three people told me they found books they had been looking for. So far there seem to be a preponderance of books on consciousness and spirituality.

2. Do you need to leave a book for every one you take?

I expect some people will. Some will give but not take and some will be takers. Because of the strong community here in BD there will be more givers than takers, I believe.

3. And what is the expected time of return for each book?

I don’t expect that books will necessarily be returned. It isn’t a lending library so much as a resource re-distribution in my mind.

4. I assume all the books are donated but is there any support from local publishers or such?

That’s a good question. I’ve been getting the LFL newsletters and some people who are really active do make arrangements with publishers. They have put together a well done PDF lesson on how to go about that. From my point of view I’m hoping to find some bibliophile who will become curator of our LFL.

5. Are there rules?

No. I don't have the slightest idea where this project will go. A few days is hardly enough time for the discovery of potentials or pitfalls. This LFL is just an infant. It’s nicely full, though. A friend of 50 years stopped by yesterday and brought a new copy of Yogananda’s Autobiography. That was snapped up in less than six hours. There is already ‘circulation.’ One of my favorite attitudes is "Let's See What Happens."