The King of Hearts

For almost 50 years I’ve practiced creating beauty as a cornerstone of my spiritual path. To be honest I really don’t know what I’m doing but receive and follow a series of inspirations, you know, the old light bulb going off in the top of your head. The results are a journey of discovery. The cost is faith. This is my latest work. It is all about opening the heart.

The purpose of this sculpture is to create something so beautiful that it rivets the attention of the viewers causing a moment of inner quiet. Because of that a little bit of Love, which I think of as creative energy, may flow through those so affected. The King of Hearts is intended to be a device that nurtures inspiration in others. It is the highest value of art that I can imagine.

I have another purpose that is dear to my heart. I wish to create a reference point to help introduce a new reality. “Michael Is Sovereign.” That’s the message. Here’s what it means to me. I’m not asking you to believe it.

In the organization of the universes there is an order of perfect beings who create Local Universes in the realms of time and space. (I really should add that each has an equally Divine feminine partner from the Third Person of Deity.) There are over 700,000 of the Creator Michaels. Each of their realms in time and space is organized to be birthplaces for the emergence of new personalities into the universe.

Part of Michael’s process requires that He be incarnated into a life of each of the types of beings in his own creation. That is part of the technique to experientially connect God to all the beings of Creation. His experience also creates an optimal path in spirit for his creatures who are just beginning their journeys to find the Creator in Paradise.

The physical embodiment of our Creator Son, Michael, during his final incarnation was Jesus of Nazareth. He chose our relatively insignificant world because it had been so severely negatively affected by a ‘revolution in heaven’ known as the Lucifer Rebellion.

With the last of His experiential incarnations accomplished, Michael was awarded full Sovereignty of his own creation. The King of Hearts is being built to celebrate that event.