One of the questions people always ask when they see that the King of Hearts is 'Celebrating Michael's Sovereignty' is, "Who's Michael?" Here is my answer...

So Who Is Michael Anyway?

In 1973 I experienced an encounter with divinity. I was removed from my physical body and taken on a journey inward and upward into the realm of spirit. There I was given the gift of an audience in the presence of a Person whose ‘body’ was golden light. it seemed to fill the space that is my current universe.

The golden substance of His form can only be called Love. The fact that Love is an actual substance in the spiritual realm is still hard to grasp even after that experience. This was a Person of grandeur and perfection who radiated such complete Love, compassion and understanding that I had no doubt I was in a Divine presence. The Love in which I was bathed during that timeless moment became the guiding light of my life.

The return to physical form left me in a state of bliss compounded by wonder. During the weeks it took for that to dissipate I was introduced to the Urantia Book. Within its pages I discovered descriptions of the nature and structure of Creation that struck a resonant chord within my mind. They provided an intellectual framework to understand that my audience was almost certainly with Christ Michael.

The reality of that event itself was that I had experienced Divine Love. In the aftermath I wasn’t suddenly glorified. I was still the same severely flawed person with one huge advantage. I suddenly had an internal compass that had (and has) a needle pointing to Love. My spiritual journey has been guided by this wonderful gift ever since. Often that means it is a great challenge for I have to grow spiritually by means of the illumination of my own flaws. Ugh.

How does one express Love? I’ve spent nearly fifty years creating beauty. That is one essential element of my spiritual path. My life is not rationally planned but a constantly unfolding adventure. The path primarily seems to be simply doing the best I can in each moment. Not long ago I started following a series of little inspirations that became a new path of creation. The King of Hearts, Celebrating Michael’s Sovereignty is the result. It is my thank you gift for that experience of His Love.

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Additional Thoughts for Urantia Readers

During the timeless moment of my audience with Michael I had been stripped of my physical form. What remained were those components that were fundamental to my existence in that they had sufficient reality to persist in the spiritual realm.

My being was composed of four associated elements that were not yet integrated. That means although they were linked a permanent fusion had yet to occur. The first and seemingly most important aspect was personality. That was an invisible self-aware point of consciousness. ‘I’ was absolutely aware of my surroundings and certain of my existence.

Sight was an exalted capacity to see the fundamental energies of existence. And so with this ‘eye of the spirit’ it was evident that ‘I’ was attached to a space that was shaped essentially as a human form. That was the second element of my being. From that experience I speculate that each type of personality has a ‘signature space’. By that reckoning a personal space is the most elemental physical component associated with each personality. I would suggest that for us it persists throughout all the different material forms in which we may be shrouded in various stages of our ascension career.

I could recognize the shape of my space because it was outlined by a thin field of the same golden light that was so massively present in the Divine Being before me. In time I’ve come to believe that was my soul, a meager accretion of spiritual substance that I had ‘realized’ by the actions and choices of my life. The soul then was the third element of my existence.

The fourth associate was a pinpoint of pure white light that resided in the general location of what would be my physical heart. That is a primordial fragment God we each have within us to be our guides. The union of a personality with the indwelling Creator fragment confers eternal life and those four associated elements fuse into a single whole. In Paradise, our bodies would actually be the sum of our spiritual attainments where as pre-fusion they exist as a separate component, the Soul.

So with the help of the Urantia Book’s cosmology I came to a number of conclusions. This Earth is my origin. Paradise is my goal. The fundamental nature our free will endowment is to choose the eternal adventure… or not. I was given an audience with Michael. Love is the energy in which spirit has form. A spark of The Creator resides in my heart to be my guide. These became my certainties.

I came to believe that all of creation emanates from a self-existent Being of infinite perfection and infinite potential, God. The Grand Universe was created to explore those possibilities through the experiences of Self-Distributed personalities. Each personality is a unique point of self-awareness endowed with self-determination, creative consciousness, free will and a capacity for cosmic insight. A harmonic series of relatively physical realms were created concurrently with the emergence of separate persons to be the theaters of their existences. Paradise is perfect. Material worlds are evolutionary. There are numerous realms of relative perfection between them.

The original I AM whose nature is Love distributed a wide variety of personalities from two equal partners right on down a scale of relative divinity from actual to potential. We humans emerge at the end of the potential scale. Through our evolution we actualize our potentials into values that are spiritual realities. They have eternal persistence. The path to realize our Divine potentials will take us on a long adventure of spiritual discovery and growth. Effectively we enter a long training program, beginning here in our Earthly pre-school.

All the aspects of this Creation are organized and administered by persons. Among these is an order of divinely created beings named Michaels, Creator-Sons. They plan and create the development of evolutionary sectors called Local Universes. A completed Local Universe contains about ten million inhabited planets. These are the universe’s ‘nursery’ planets for the emergence of new evolutionary personalities. From there we begin a journey from the outer most material realms of current universal inhabitation inward and upward toward Paradise, the residence of Divinity.

The Michaels are both Divine and evolutionary in nature, as they must be to create part of the evolutionary universe. The nature of their experience requires that they incarnate a number of times and live a life in each of the general categories of beings who inhabit their universes. This allows them to gain a thorough empathetic understanding of their own creatures as well as establishing living paths of optimal spiritual development for all their offspring.

A great wonder of our little planet is that it was the stage upon which our Michael lived his last required incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth. After the successful completion of his human life he was granted full sovereign authority over his creation. That is why “The King of Hearts” is dedicated to Celebrating Michael’s Sovereignty.

Welles B Goodrich

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