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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

  1. #261 Move Forward In Love 
    Move Forward In Love

    "What happens when you do not fit into ‘their’ world anymore? The changes going on now have many of you asking this very question. As you walk your path, it may seem as if your world is falling down around you. Dearest one, it is time to change your perspective. (Smiling) What may appear as destruction to you is actually a re-construction of what you know. It may be tense and unsettling but know, as you move forward in love, you are creating your new world as you go. Keep moving, you can do this!" ~ Creator

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  2. #262 What Is In Your Heart 
    What Is In Your Heart

    "One of the unfortunate things that has developed on your Earth plane are ploys that have been specifically designed to play on your insecurities. You are being told you need to be faster, stronger, more beautiful/handsome, thinner, drive a better car, get a better job, live in a bigger house…as if what you are born with and who you are will never be good enough.

    The Universe is here to tell you; once you free yourself from the bonds of what others think and feel, you will begin feeling your own self. For some, this may be a challenging thing to experience. But when you have a conscious realization that you are good enough and what and who you are does matter, the bonds that have been insidiously wrapped around you will begin to crumble and break away. The only standard you will hold yourself to is what is in your heart. (Smiling) You have the capability and (quite frankly) you have already begun this process. Be true to who you truly are, the rest will take care of itself." ~ Creator

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  3. #263 Tearing Down To Build 
    Tearing Down To Build

    "My darling child, when you begin changing on the inside, the outside will begin to change as well. It may feel as if the world is coming down around your ears, that you are losing every ‘touchstone’ that ever mattered to you and you may want to blame everything and everyone. What is really going on? The Universe is assisting you in creating something amazing, new and splendid! Yes, there will be bumps in the road and it may not be an easy process but, once you begin the path becomes easier to walk and it will become lighter and brighter. Allow yourself to be shown the end result and know that things are changing for the better." ~ Creator

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  4. #264 You Have… 
    You Have…

    "As the path you travel becomes more intricate, you will begin noticing the actions and reactions from yourself and those around you. As you clear and release, there may be people that say, “Wait…no, this is yours, you get to keep this”, in an attempt to project it back to you. They sense a change and will often attempt to keep you exactly where you are for their comfort. Whether you accept or deny this is completely up to you. Just having a conscious awareness of it will alter the circumstances. Remember, dear one, you have a choice, you have free will and you have the Unconditional Love and support of The Universe." ~ Creator

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  5. #265 It All Starts With You 
    It All Starts With You

    "Take a moment and think about what you are opening yourself up to on a daily basis? Is it loving, compassionate and kind or is it negative, hurtful and derisive? Each and every one of you has the power and free will to make your life what you want it to be. Positive or negative, it is all up to you! The Universe is bringing this to your attention because it needs to be practiced! You have been given the task of changing how your world operates. Whatever you choose will be, dear one, and it all starts with you!" ~ Creator

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  6. #266 Just Like You… 
    Just Like You…

    "The Universe knows it may be challenging to maintain your own space when you are surrounded by lower vibrational energies. First and foremost; There has never been any “us vs. them” in this equation. They are no different from you, they have just chosen another path. The moment you begin to ‘look down your nose’ at them is the precise moment you stray from yours.

    Each of you was created and were given the gifts you need to learn and grow…and you will utilize them differently. Before you choose to pass judgement, take the time to look at where you have been, what you are experiencing and how you got to where you are now. With this fresh perspective in place, embrace your ability to help others (who are ready) to grow and learn, just as you have." ~ Creator

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  7. #267 In The Midst Of A Storm 
    In The Midst Of A Storm

    "It may feel challenging to be who you are in a time when you are being asked to choose sides. You will see things from an infinite perspective that those around you may not notice…yet. Standing in your truth and integrity could very well be one of the most gut-wrenching things you will ever do but, this is exactly what The Universe is asking of you. If you choose to exist in pure truth, pure intent and pure love, your existence will become a peaceful moment in the midst of a storm. The world is seeking balance, dear one, and you are a part of that process. Do not give up!" ~ Creator

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  8. #268 Get Out And Move! 
    Get Out And Move!

    "Manifestation is one of the easiest and most challenging things for humans to understand. Sure, you can imagine yourself smack in the middle of the wonderful things you would like to/are creating but, bemoan the fact they have not come knocking on your door. Manifestations are created when positive action is accompanied by positive intention. If you do not know how to get there from where you are, ask! The Universe will show you the way. Get out there and move, intrepid soul! The world is waiting for you!" ~ Creator

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  9. #269 Being Human 
    Being Human

    "My dearest child…you are a child of light, a carrier of the Divine Spark guiding those who have just begun their journey with compassion and love. You are also human. (Smiling) Being in your humanness does not make you any less light and there is certainly no shame in it. If you choose to have a human moment (and every single one involves a choice), do not feel guilty, there is no room for that emotion! Be who you are! Love yourself as The Universe loves you and rest assured that being human is perfectly perfect!" ~ Creator

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  10. #270 What Do You Do? 
    What Do You Do?

    "It may be confusing to walk in a world of contradictions. Those who say they love people then commit violence against them, humans who say they want to protect the delicate balance of nature but only do so in their own back yard, others who say they respect all life but end up taking it in rage and anger. All of this can be very disheartening. What can you do about it, my beautiful child? Keep on loving, of course!

    The Universe gave each of you the life you are living now and the free will to decide in which direction it moves. When you find yourself abhorring the human actions that cause pain, focus on and send Unconditional Love to the Divine Spark that exists in each of you. It may not change the outcome but, you can move forward in peace knowing you have done a bit to sooth the pain of the wounded child that choose to hurt rather than heal." ~ Creator

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