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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

  1. #191 Deep Releasing 
    Deep Releasing

    "It is time again for more deep releasing. I know, I know, I can hear you saying, “Isn’t enough, enough?!” And the Universal answer to that is, “When is enough, enough?” Just like an onion, there are layers…some thin, some not so thin that may need to be pulled back to expose the next. It is all part of the process of releasing. During this time, be gentle and loving with yourself, do it in your own time at your own pace. There is always support and encouragement around you, all you have to do is ask." ~ Creator

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  2. #192 Let It Be 
    Let It Be

    "Your spirituality, way of life and how you view your Earth plane existence is yours and yours alone. How you choose to honor The Universe and those within it is unique, beautiful and as individual as you. You may not agree with another person’s ideas on the subject and that is okay. Acceptance is key! This does not mean keeping your mouth shut if you witness something inherently wrong…it does mean allowing others to have their own beliefs systems without judgement. You may not agree but, then again, it is not your life, correct? (Smiling) Let this be the beginnings of peace for yourself and everyone around you." ~ Creator

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  3. #193 Divinely Guided 
    Divinely Guided

    "What does being Divinely guided mean?

    It means knowing that there are forces at work creating a beautiful world.

    It means listening to your heart, making a choice or decision and feeling good about it.

    It means understanding that those around you may not have the same opinions and loving them anyway.

    It means that, no matter what happens, you can rest assured that there will always be a better tomorrow waiting for you.

    It means that when you choose honesty and integrity over personal gain, that you are truly doing the right thing.

    It means loving yourself regardless of your past, knowing that your past is one of the things that made you the person you are today.

    It means forgiving (yourself and others) even though the hurt may be too much to bear in the moment.

    It is knowing that The Universe is supporting and guiding you through every magical step of your amazing life.

    It is embracing the fact that Unconditional Love does exist, and you are a glorious part of it all." ~ Creator

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  4. #194 The Desire To Create… 
    The Desire To Create…

    As you move forward…yet again…yes, some will be dragging their heels. I can hear you say, “Dang it, I’m tired of this! I don’t wanna do this anymore. This is too hard, too exhausting!” All The Universe need say in response is, “I know, dearest, I understand.” Now, that may not be enough for you so, how about this:

    When Creator was in the process of creating Creator, it did so because it had a desire to know itself, to know Unconditional Love. In this ever-expanding knowingness of infinity, there were growing pains, however, the desire to create far outweighed it. You may be “only human” but, that desire, the same that brought into existence all you see, feel and hear is with you as well. All you have to do is find it within.

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  5. #195 Maintaining Peace 
    Maintaining Peace

    "As the energy begin to rise for the next phase, butterflies and tremblings of anticipation are increasing as well. Because some of you have been raised in a less than ideal environment, it may be mistaken for anxiety or fear. One of the things being introduced now is a way to clearly identify your emotions. Today, rather than relying on your ‘old ways’, you are being invited to take a step back, breathe and really feel what is coming in. The world may appear to be in chaos, this does not mean that you must participate. Know that The Universe will always guide and support you through your personal progress. In maintaining the peace and love you so richly deserve, you are radiating to your world in the best possible way." — Creator

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  6. #196 Just When You Need It 
    Just When You Need It

    "My dearest child…during your time on Earth, there will always be ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ moments. The things you would have done, the decisions you could have made and the things you should have done are now a part of the past. Yes, your life may have been different “if only” but, that is not important now. This is the time to release it! The energy coming in now is an invitation for you to move forward in a way that works for the highest and best. Listen to hear and to understand what your next step should be. The answer has and will always be there…just when you need it." ~ Creator

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  7. #197 Responding With Love 
    Responding With Love

    "Dear one…this most recent shift is inviting you to release, release, release! The old ways are in their final throes and you may find yourself being confronted by them in many ways, from many different angles. During these situations, it may be challenging to ‘keep your cool’ and let go but, it may be necessary if you want to continue walking your chosen path. Before you make the decision to respond, ask yourself these questions;

    Will I be heard and understood?

    Will it add to or take away from the greatest good?

    Would I be speaking to assuage my own ego?

    Will my response be from a place of kindness and compassion?

    Will I be using words that would hurt or wound another?

    You have reached an important milestone, dearest one, and there is much more to accomplish! Allow yourself to keep traveling in peace and love. You will be a better person for it." ~ Creator

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  8. #198 Radiating Love & Wisdom 
    Radiating Love & Wisdom

    Right now…yes, right now you are being given more knowledge than humanity has ever received before. Mankind has spent eons raising the vibration of your Earth plane in preparation for this moment in time. What does this mean to you?

    It means you have access to an infinite amount of love and wisdom to make your world a better place. Start from within, dear child; learn and understand as much as you can. Then begin radiating that love and wisdom to those around you to the best of your ability. Some of it may feel awkward and a little clunky at first but, once you get the hang of it, it will begin to flow easily and effortlessly. Everything you have learned in this lifetime has been preparing you for this moment! It is time to put it to good use! ~ Creator

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  9. #199 Into Something New 
    Into Something New

    You have been walking with your ghosts for quite some time, dear child. It is time to take a deep breath, thank and release them with love. As you move forward into the new society being established now; truth, honesty and integrity will be your guides. It may be uncomfortable at first but, it is time to step off the well-beaten path into something new and extraordinary. The courage and strength has always been there and it will come to your aid now. Allow the changes…you are worth it! ~ Creator

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  10. #200 Find Your Peace 
    Find Your Peace

    In this moment, there are many sources telling you that going into fear is your best option. The message being conveyed to you now is ‘beware, beware, beware’! In this super-charged atmosphere it may be challenging to find your own way.

    Here is a very basic truth – you have a choice. You have always had a choice! You can choose to listen to ‘the sky is falling’ side or you can choose to remain at peace. The Universe realizes the massive changes going on right now make it very tempting to follow the path of the majority, however, it is also asking you to step back and see these things for what they really are. Take time to quiet yourself and really listen. The Universe has and always will speak of love. In the midst of chaos, find the love and, in doing so, you will also find your peace. ~ Creator

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