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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

  1. #201 Give A Little… 
    Give A Little…

    A gentle reminder; from now until the end of the year, kindness and compassion are going to be your most valuable assets. Being able to demonstrate these traits to those around you will increase your ability to extend them to yourself. This does not mean you are surrendering the right to defend yourself when needed but, The Universe is asking you to be understanding of those who are working (just as you are) toward becoming a better person. Sometimes, it takes more than a little practice! (Smiling) As you move through your daily existence, do you best to show your world what it will be like when you all give each other the respect that is so richly deserved. ~ Creator

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  2. #202 Do Not Give Up 
    Do Not Give Up

    One of the greatest things you will ever do for yourself is to heal wounds from the past. It does not make a difference how, just that it is done. It may require you to get ‘down and dirty’, to shift your perceptions of the world or change some very basic principles of your life. You are being reminded that you do not have to do on your own. Create a support system (if you do not already have one in place), seek out like-minded individuals or engage in activities that soothe and comfort the soul. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You are like no other and, with that said, you have a right to choose what is best for you! (Smiling) Rest assured that, as the ‘deep darks’ are released, you will be reacquainting yourself with a sense of freedom you once knew but forgot along the way. Do not give up, dear one! You are worthy and deserving of this gift! ~ Creator

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  3. #203 Time To Start… 
    Time To Start…

    There are things in your past that have made you who you are today. A person, place or thing came into your life and changed everything from black & white to color in an instant. Those micro-seconds created beauty where none existed before.

    Today, you are being asked to explore your past, to bring those amazing moments into your now. Use those feelings to create something wonderful for yourself, to embrace what is coming and to learn that, yes, you can experience it again. There is joy in living and where you are headed now may need that extra boost to keep you moving. The Universe has given you all the tools you need, now it is time to start using them. ~ Creator

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  4. #204 Creating 

    It has been said before and bears repeating; your private thoughts and whatever you say out loud is heard by The Universe.

    If you choose to indulge negative thoughts and feelings, The Universe will respond in kind.

    If you choose to do your best to radiate positive thoughts and feeling to your world, again, The Universe responds in kind. You co-create your life!

    Co-creating a more fulfilling existence has been, is and always will be an integral part of your free will. What will you choose today? ~ Creator

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  5. #205 Giving Beauty 
    Giving Beauty

    Every time you look around, you can see beauty. Although it may not always be readily visible, it exists in everything belonging to your Earth plane. With this thought in mind, you must remember that beauty also exists within you! Putting yourself in a vulnerable enough space to show it to the world may be a little challenging but, it can be done. Start small; a kind word or a gentle smile. Allow that beauty to shine out and touch everything around you! As the feeling becomes more comfortable, giving the gift of your beauty becomes easier…just allow it to happen and watch your world change! ~ Creator

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  6. #206 Almost There… 
    Almost There…

    The division, hate and chaos on your Earth plane seems as if it is being amplified by more division, hate and chaos. You, as an eternal being of light, a co-creator of your existence and a carrier of a Divine Spark knows and feels things differently. You are aware (very aware) of the building Light, the uptick of humanity and compassion, the arrival of what all humans have been asking for since the dawn of time…a new beginning. You can choose to let yourself be distracted by the negative or continue to focus on the positive changes occurring now. (Smiling) You are nearly there, dear one, keep going! You are almost there! ~ Creator

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  7. #207 You Are Loved Regardless 
    You Are Loved Regardless

    Yet another gentle reminder; any emotion that you choose to hold may magnify. Right now, your world is attempting to spoon-feed fear to anyone that will listen. Yes, even you. You do, however, have options;

    1. You can be enveloped in and ‘take the bait’ hook, line and sinker, feeding into the mass consciousness with that fear and allow it to multiply.

    2. You can release it and send it out to The Universe to be transformed to light and love, which in turn will reflect back to you, back out and so on.

    3. You can do nothing, hold no opinion, offer and receive nothing.

    Each decision carries with it the weight to change your existence to whatever you choose.

    Regardless of what you decide, The Universe has given you free reign…the opportunity to do as you will and be supported by Unconditional Love. That is precisely the reason it is unconditional. (Smiling) ~ Creator

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  8. #208 What Is This? 
    What Is This?

    People are going to think what they think, do what they do and keep their dearest and/or most devastating thoughts to themselves until they feel safe enough to express. The most obvious and the most missed key to all of it; there is nothing you, as an individual, can do about it. It is a part of letting those you care for the most walk their own path in their own way. That, dear child, is Unconditional Love. ~ Creator

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  9. #209 Self-Forgiveness 

    "Dearest one, there will be times you makes mistakes and false assumptions. There will be times when a not-so-kind thing may come out of your mouth or you may become angry at silly little things. This is all part of being human. The difference between those that suffer a chronically negative attitude and ones that do not is forgiveness! In the process of doing your work and clearing what you need to clear, a lot of emphasis is placed on forgiving but, how often do you include yourself in that scenario? Today, you are being asked for practice a little self-forgiveness. It is okay to start small and, when the time is right for you, work your way up to the bigger things. You are here to learn and this is truly a huge part of it. The more you practice, the easier it will become…especially with The Universe right beside you, lending a loving hand." ~ Creator

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  10. #210 Diligence 

    "What you are witnessing now is the beginning of the end. The end of the ‘old power’…the strong controlling the weak, the hierarchy making decisions for and suppressing the masses. Your light and your efforts have not gone unnoticed, dearest one. The current shift is moving your Earth plane (including your beautiful Mother) toward a more balanced and loving energy. This is why it is so important to focus on and stay in your positive thoughts and actions. It may seems as if chaos reigns, however, the undercurrent of light continues to swell and grow with each passing day. Walk your path….walk it with transparency and integrity. Very soon, your diligence will be realized." ~ Creator

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