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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

  1. #171 Seeing Truth 
    Seeing Truth

    "As you begin to understand more of your world and what is happening to it, there comes yet another awareness; people you know may present themselves as something they are not. Earlier, it was mentioned that transparency will be one of the keys to your growth and learning. While you are making a concentrated and conscious effort to be transparent, others will not. This does not mean that you must automatically distrust all you encounter. It does mean that with your growth, you have gained a heightened awareness, an early warning system, guiding you to those who are of like mind and pointing you away from those who are not. The Universe has and always will direct you in a way that works in your highest and best, for the highest and best. Listen, watch and pay close attention to what your heart is saying. It will never lead you astray." ~ Creator

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  2. #172 It Is Coming 
    It Is Coming

    "Can you feel it? Like a revving engine sending vibrations through the air, making your chest throb with its lovely bass sound…it is coming! Do not be alarmed or frightening, dear child, it will not hurt you. The strength and power of this incoming shift within a shift is cause for celebration. Some of you may not think of these shifts as fun, but this one may prove to be very different from the last few. It is time to get out your building blocks in preparation of building your castles! Yes, dreams can come true!" ~ Creator

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  3. #173 Your Beautiful Soul 
    Your Beautiful Soul

    "Your beauty does not exist in the exterior shell that is your body. It does not exist in the things you do for others, it certainly does not exist in how others perceive you. Your true beauty lies in how you show your soul to the world!

    It may be challenging to walk around with an open heart knowing others may not understand the reasoning behind it. But you, my brave and beautiful one, know the intrinsic gifts of it. Take the courage, power and understanding of The Universe and use it to your best advantage…show the way for others. Those who are willing to listen, will take up the mantle as well." ~ Creator

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  4. #174 What Do You Choose? 
    What Do You Choose?

    "The beauty of your existence is not determined by who you ‘hang out with’, what you drive, how much money you make, or what kind of employment you have chosen. You can be the most important person in the world and still be ethically/morally bankrupt.

    Your true beauty lies in every moment, every breath of kindness and compassion, who you are as a person and what you decide to do with it. The Universe is asking you to be the best you can be; be there for yourself and others, continue to grow and learn in love, allow the beauty of life to shine through your eyes and be reflected back to you. This is your opportunity to create wonderful memories, what will you choose today?" ~ Creator

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  5. #175 Following Blindly? 
    Following Blindly?

    "In this great shifting time, be aware of who you follow blindly and what you choose to believe. There are a great many opinions and ideas floating around your world; some positive and others that are not so positive. Be open to hearing all sides and listen to what your heart says before coming to a concrete decision. Time and discernment are some of your most valuable tools…allow yourself plenty of both! If you come from a space of transparency, openness and honesty, you will always be pointed in the right direction." ~ Creator

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  6. #176 Your True Path 
    Your True Path

    "There will be times when your integrity and honesty may be called into question. It can be very hurtful to be judged in this way, especially when you have put forth so much effort working on this particular area of your life. If this happens, it is best to take a step back and breathe, allow The Universe to show you the infinite picture of what is really going on, then ask yourself these questions;

    Are they truly judging me or are they expressing personal pain?

    Is this a projection of their belief system?

    Is this really something you need to take note of and change within yourself?

    Has the person been on the receiving end of a projection before?

    Be open to and willing to receive the answers and work on yourself if necessary. An honest and blunt dialogue between yourself and The Universe as well as a willingness to learn will always keep you on your true path." ~ Creator

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  7. #177 Knock, Knock 
    Knock, Knock

    "Today and during this exquisite quiet time, you are being asked to ponder what you would like to create in your life. The Universe does not have to tell you your manifesting abilities have increased tenfold. You do not need to be reminded about the strength of your thoughts and words. You do need to be reminded about the immense power of those thoughts and words! You most certainly deserve a huge pat on the back for the work you have done so far, but there is still much to do. Take this quiet time to see your life as it will be, how it will be changed for the better…as if it exists right now! Co-creation is knocking on your door, asking to be invited in. (Smiling) Answer it!" ~ Creator

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  8. #178 The Calling 
    The Calling

    "Each of you has a calling, a deep pull in your heart to do something extraordinary. It may have come from something you saw as a child or young adult. It may have come from a dream or an experience you had when you were younger. Your calling may have drawn you to the ‘muggle world’ as a nurse, police officer, soldier or the church (as you know and love it). Others may have been called to the more esoteric side of things (Smiling).

    There is one thing to remember…all callings are valid! Each of you was placed or are being placed where your light is needed most…even if that situation/place seems very dark. This does not mean you forfeit your right to question The Universe on the direction you are being pointed; all questions are welcome! It does mean that even if you choose to disregard one calling, another will present itself. Trust that The Universe will always guide you in the right direction." ~ Creator

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  9. #179 More On Releasing… 
    More On Releasing…

    "Dearest one, why do you keep looking outside yourself for completion? There is always something to distract, to avoid and to keep you occupied so you do not have to look at the ‘tough stuff’. Can you see it? Do you understand it only benefits those around you?

    During this phase of the shift, you are once again being asked to bring up some of your deepest and darkest pains to be examined in the light. Yes, it is uncomfortable…maybe even torturous to some but, it is being done for a reason! Before you move on, you need to be as clear as you possibly can. In a perfect scenario, you could do it all at once and be done with it, however, that is not how this works. Like the layers of an onion, it can sometimes be slow and tedious work. It may even produce a few tears. But, when it is all said and done, the benefits will always far outweigh the effort you put into it. You deserve to release! You are worthy of it! You can and will be a better person because of it and The Universe will always be there to assist you if needed." ~ Creator

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  10. #180 Alone In A Crowd 
    Alone In A Crowd

    "During this most recent phase, you may find yourself feeling quite alone. Yes, there may be millions of people around you, but that does not change the fact that you are experiencing something others may not understand. When you find yourself in this space…look inward, find the cause and ask for assistance. No request is too small. Part of being on your particular path is knowing there will always be help available when you need it." ~ Creator

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