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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

  1. #271 The Key 
    The Key

    "There will be many times that you may fail to do or say the ‘right’ thing. The Universe wants you to know that, with the current energy of the past coming up to be released, failures are not failures…just attempts at success.

    Think back on the times you may have chosen a direction that was not in your best interest; was it internal (or external) pressure from others or were you running an ‘old program’ as a means of self-protection? Regardless of the circumstances, The Universe will always give you another attempt at success. The key to any of these scenarios is…you!

    Allowing yourself to acknowledge mistakes, learn from them and move on is one of the greatest gifts you have been given. So, darling child, it is time to take a deep breath and move forward. The only one truly keeping score is you and it is time to be done with it." ~ Creator

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  2. #272 What Are You Waiting For? 
    What Are You Waiting For?

    "Many of you are waiting for a change. Waiting for something mighty to shift that will bring manifestations to light, for the ‘love of your life’ to knock on your door, for an opportunity to express, feel, love or participate. You may even be waiting for permission and wondering why all that you want/wish for has not appeared yet.

    Take a moment and think; what is the operative word?


    The Universe has provided everything you need to grow, learn, manifest and love but, still you wait. The truth of the matter; action is a necessary piece of the picture! If you are unable to move outside your comfort zone, unwilling to take a chance because you might fail, then it is best to stay put. It is time to release your fear and step into your dreams. In truth, failure does not exist…there are only attempts at success. (Smiling) So, dearest one, what are you waiting for?" ~ Creator

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  3. #273 Release Fear 
    Release Fear

    "My beautiful child; do not be afraid of the darkness presenting itself in your world today. Even though it seems that it is intensifying, it is heaving its last breaths. The people of the world are awakening at an unprecedented rate, growing in light and love. The darkness feels/sees this and is struggling to maintain a hold by creating more fear, hatred and negativity.

    Some feel a battle or war needs to be waged but, the truth of the matter is this; the more integrity you show, the more Unconditional Love you send, the more you speak your truth, the harder it becomes for the darkness to exist. Do not allow your will to be bent by the fear being created and remember…the Wizard of Oz was just a man behind a curtain making himself much bigger and scarier than what and who he was." ~ Creator

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  4. #274 A Better Tomorrow 
    A Better Tomorrow

    "The Universe speaks to you every day through your conscience. What you believe, how you function in your world, how you live your life all moves through that filter. Over the course of your Earth-plane existence, you are offered opportunities to change and become a better version of yourself. Whether you choose to take those opportunities is based on your free will…the one thing that can never be taken from you. Your world is changing much more quickly than anticipated and this is your chance to begin shining brighter than ever. Disregard what others think, do what you feel is right and keep working toward the ultimate goal of peace. It is time to stand in your power and say, “I can be, I will, I am”, remembering you are building a better tomorrow." ~ Creator

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  5. #275 Fading Dissonance 
    Fading Dissonance

    "It is time to open your eyes, darling one. Things have begun to shift in ways your Earth did not expect. The deep sleepers are awakening, the awakened ones are stepping into their power and the dissonance is beginning to fade. Please do not let these changes lull you into complacency. There is still much to do but, The Universe knows that with all of you participating, the great shift is well underway. You are so worthy and deserving of the peace that is in its way! Keep up your good work, The Universe is proud of you!" ~ Creator

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  6. #276 Affecting Change 
    Affecting Change

    "You are one of the advanced souls who chose to come to your Earth plane now, even with all that is going on, to affect change. You did not balk at the idea. Instead, you welcomed the opportunity to be an integral part of what is happening around you. You knew it might be challenging, walking a sometimes-bumpy road but, the anticipation and excitement you felt far outweighed any doubts.

    My darling child, any time you feel as if it is becoming ‘too much’, remember The Universe is behind and with you, cheering you on every step of the way. It may not seem like it now but, change is in progress and you are an amazing part of it all!" ~ Creator

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  7. #277 Moment To Moment 
    Moment To Moment

    "Every time you open your eyes, you have the amazing ability to create a new reality. You get to create the world you want to see, the people you interact with and you are in absolute control of the way you feel. Manifestation is one of the greatest gifts given to humankind by The Universe. Create! Live! Enjoy the world you are creating in a moment to moment basis. What you imagine can become reality! Do not let it go to waste!" ~ Creator

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  8. #278 Ready, Steady, GO! 
    Ready, Steady, GO!

    "It is time to ready/steady yourself for another go. The Universe is asking you to be fully prepared for everything you know about your world to be changed. This will be happening in any way you choose…the only thing that will not occur is a stand-still. Some parts of the shift will be surprising, others will not. If you have been reluctant to use your voice, your opportunity is now! (Smiling) Stand in your truth knowing that with pure love, pure intent and pure truth, all will be well." ~ Creator

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  9. #279 A Little Fine Tuning 
    A Little Fine Tuning

    "Today, you are being asked to pause for a moment and really feel! Take a little time and performed a ‘self-check-in’. What are you feeling, how are you feeling it, it is emotional, mental or physical? The Universe designed the human body to pick up (and broadcast) your current state of being to you and those around you. Rather than stuffing those feelings and emotions; look at them closely and see what needs to be changed! They do not have to be huge leaps forward; baby steps will do. (Smiling) Allowing these brief moments of self-care will give you the opportunity to fine tune your journey and to help yourself, as well as others, more effectively. If you are stuck, ask what you need and allow it to be done in safety and comfort!

    The Universe is always standing at the ready to assist when you call. Have faith and know it will be done in the highest and best way. Remember, you are an ascending master on a path that will always guide in a direction that is best for you." ~ Creator

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  10. #280 Honesty 

    "Another gentle reminder from The Universe; be honest! Even though your society has been deemed (and even been accepting of dishonesty on certain levels) as okay, this is about to change. The further along into the shift your world goes, the more transparent things will become. This is a necessary step your entire Earth plane must take! Soon, honesty and integrity will be the only way to function. Allowing yourself to embrace and understand this on all levels now will help move you on your journey to being whole and happy. Once dishonesty is released, new space you never knew existed will open in your being to be filled with the Unconditional Love of The Universe." ~ Creator

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