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Thread: The Creator Writings — transcribed by Jennifer Farley

  1. #581 Remember Your Humanity 
    Remember Your Humanity

    "The Universe would like to remind you to remember your humanity. Your world has been shifting so quickly that it may be challenging to keep your feet under you. Things you thought you could rely on no longer exist, loyalty may be met with indifference and loving for love’s sake seems to have gone by the wayside. Do not give up hope, dear one. Even a wildly swinging pendulum must come to rest eventually. Just be you and all will be well." ~ Creator

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  2. #582 Highest & Best 
    Highest & Best

    "People, places and things will flow in and out of your life. It is the natural order of your Earth-plane existence. The Universe will always provide what is in your highest and best during whatever moment you are in." ~ Creator

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  3. #583 Look Within 
    Look Within

    "An interesting thing happens when you pin all your hopes on someone or something outside yourself; in one instant, you have given all of your power to that one/thing in the hopes that it will create something you desire.

    The Universe invites you to look within; give yourself the things you most desire because no one knows YOU quite like you do. Once you are in that perfect space, completely in tune with The Divine Spark that exists within, nothing is out of your reach." ~ Creator

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  4. #584 The Master Plan 
    The Master Plan

    "To love and be loved, to experience and help others experience joy, to be true to yourself and recognize that truth in others…this is the master plan. This is my gift to you!" ~ Creator

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  5. #585 Move Beyond Fear 
    Move Beyond Fear

    "Surrender and allow yourself to move beyond fear into the great unknown of new experiences. The Universe will and always has been there to steady your stumble and catch your fall." ~ Creator

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  6. #586 A Different Light 
    A Different Light

    "More big changes are on the way. They may not be the huge things you have come to expect from The Universe. Instead, the small and steady moments of shifting you are being gifted will give you an opportunity to view your life and your world in a different light. Allow yourself to receive the incoming joy and peace you so richly deserve." ~ Creator

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  7. #587 What Is Best... 
    What Is Best…

    "A expanded awareness of The Universe invariably leads you to understand that you know only your own depth. Others may give you a glimpse of theirs but, very rarely reveal the whole picture. It is not for you to judge the lives of others. Deciding what is right/wrong for another based on your own experiences effectively stops your growth. Do what is best for you and The Universe will take care of the rest." ~ Creator

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  8. #588 Opportunities & Choice 
    Opportunities & Choice

    "Every day, you are presented with opportunities that require choice. Do, don’t do…..yes, no…..experience, do not experience. Ask yourself, “is this in my highest and best”? Make a decision based on what your heart tells you then, speak your truth. This is paramount. Whatever reaction you receive is secondary. Embrace the knowing that you have done what is best for you." ~ Creator

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  9. #589 Release It With Love 
    Release It With Love

    "Finishing the energy of any given thing is challenging only when you make it that way. Even if the other party does not wish it, if it is in your highest and best, it will be done. Breathe, know that you have done what is best for you within your experience and release it with love." ~ Creator

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