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Thread: Guidance Recieved by Eileen Caddy, one of the founders of Findhorn

  1. #71 Put First Things First 
    Put First Things First

    Take time to Be Still, take time to listen to My still small voice, take time to obey My slightest whisper. There is always time when you learn to put first things first, to put your relationship with Me before anything or anyone else. This may mean you have to be very much alone at times.

    It may mean you will appear to be unsociable or even a recluse. This does not matter; simply do what I ask of you never counting the cost, never minding what anyone may think or say. The inner work is the key to all that is going on on the outer. Lose the key and you lose life and everything would come to a standstill, so let nothing stand in the way of your spiritual life.

    See that it comes before all else, then all else will fit into place perfectly and work in perfect harmony and rhythm.

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  2. #72 Be Strong And Of Good Courage 
    Be Strong And Of Good Courage

    Listen more to My still small voice and obey My instructions and watch My wonders come about. You each have a tremendous work to do, so seek and find out what it is and do it with all your heart and mind. There is nothing more wonderful or more glorious than doing My will and walking in My ways, beholding the results that come forth when this is carried out.

    Be strong and of good courage. Hesitate at nothing. I AM with you always. It is I, the Lord your God, who is guiding your every step. Let My light shine forth dispelling all the darkness. Let your hearts and minds be filled with My divine love and wisdom so you may be used to radiate it out to all those in need.

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  3. #73 See Perfection And Create Perfection 
    See Perfection And Create Perfection

    Walk in the ways of the Spirit. Live by the ways of the Spirit. Rise above all that would hold you down. See Me in everything and everyone. Expand your consciousness. See perfection and create perfection. Never be satisfied with anything second best; realize that with Me all things are perfect. I created all things perfect, I AM Perfection.

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  4. #74 A Vision Is Like An Indelible Print Upon Your Inner Consciousness 
    A Vision Is Like An Indelible Print Upon Your Inner Consciousness

    When I give you a vision or you dream, it is like an indelible print upon your inner consciousness, which nothing and no one can take away. As you hold it there it grows from a tiny seed into a mighty tree and becomes Reality.

    So take time to be still, to go deep within, to see the absolute perfection of all that is taking place. Allow the picture of its growth and expansion to develop in your consciousness. See it grow in all directions.

    Always see perfection in all that is taking place and never be satisfied until you do.

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  5. #75 Be Still And In The Stillness Feel Your Consciousness Expand 
    Be Still And In The Stillness Feel Your Consciousness Expand

    Be still and in the stillness feel your consciousness expand, feel yourself rise far above all earthly contacts into the realms of the Spirit. Each time you become still you will find you are able to do this. Practice it more and more often. Cease driving yourself and take time to be alone with Me.

    During the day go away into the Sanctuary; that is what it is there for. Just go in and sit and absorb the peace and stillness and become One with Me, and then go forth renewed in spirit and filled with My divine Love. Never be too busy to do this.

    This renewing of the spirit is far more important than any job that has to be done because when you are right inside, you will be right outside and will be able to do everything in the right spirit. Whenever you are feeling impatient or irritable, go away by yourself and find that inner peace and stillness and all will become harmony and peace once again.

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  6. #76 Realise That Where You Stand Is Holy Ground 
    Realise That Where You Stand Is Holy Ground

    Never feel that when you get to a certain place you are bound to find Me or when you do a certain thing. Stop chasing the end of the rainbow and find Me now right here within you. Realise that where you stand is holy ground.

    Cease your searching, cease your wandering in the wilderness and be still. Seek within and there you will find that which you are looking for, there you will find Me.

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  7. #77 Live Your Life Wholly For Others And Find True Happiness And Contentment 
    Live Your Life Wholly For Others And Find True Happiness And Contentment

    Never live your life for yourself, live it wholly for others and find true happiness and contentment.

    You each have an important and unique contribution to make to the whole, so never be satisfied until you have found out what your contribution is. Then give all and you shall receive all, and you can then go your way in peace and find real happiness because you are living and moving and having your being in Me.

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  8. #78 Remember You Are In The World But Not Of It 
    Remember You Are In The World But Not Of It

    Keep your eye fixed on the Light and refuse to see any darkness and you shall go forth in victory and overcome the ways of the world. The greater the chaos and confusion all around the more time you will have to spend in the stillness and in the silence to counteract the ways of the world.

    Remember you are in the world but not of it, so do not allow yourself to be tempted by the things of the world. Raise your consciousness and let your mind be stayed on Me and be at perfect peace.

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  9. #79 Every Little Discipline Helps 
    Every Little Discipline Helps

    Every step you take along the right path - no matter how falteringly - takes you ever nearer the goal, to the ultimate realisation of Me. Every little discipline helps. Learning to say "no" to yourselves, making yourselves do something which is not at all easy but you know is necessary, because My still small voice within has asked you to do it, helps and strengthens you, until the time comes when you can really do everything I ask you to do with joy without a moment's hesitation. It will come to that if you are patient and persevere and learn instant obedience in the small things of your everyday life.

    How can I give you greater responsibilities when you find it hard to carry the ones you have already been given? I never ask you to carry more than you are able without giving you the strength to do so. Carry the responsibilities, which I have given you with shoulders thrown back, a smile on your face and a song in your heart, and learn to enjoy them to the full and be not bowed down by them.

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  10. #80 All Power, All Wisdom, All Understanding Is Right There Within You 
    All Power, All Wisdom, All Understanding Is Right There Within You

    Little by little the veil is being drawn aside revealing My truths. You are beginning to realize that all power, all wisdom, all understanding is right there within you, that you can draw from the very Source any time you choose to do so and that nothing will be withheld from you when you seek earnestly with a real desire to find the truth and to live the truth and BE truth.

    Ask anything in My name, believing, and it is yours, but you must believe. Your faith must be unshakable and this grows and grows as you witness My wonders coming about in your daily lives and living.

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