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Thread: Guidance Recieved by Eileen Caddy, one of the founders of Findhorn

  1. #101 Be Still And Listen, And You Will Hear And Know The Truth 
    Be Still And Listen, And You Will Hear And Know The Truth

    Always go directly to the Source of all wisdom, all understanding. Turn within to Me. You can listen to what others have to say and teach, you can
 read books, but never accept anything outer as the source of all wisdom, for true wisdom can only come from within.

    Be guided by those inner promptings, that intuitive feeling that urges you on. Recognise My still small voice at all times coming through the noise and hub all around you. No outer noise or confusion can hide that still small voice once you have come to know it and trust it and live and work from and by it.

    This is the greatest gift any man can accept, and that gift is being held out to all mankind, not to just the few. Learn to be still and listen, listen, listen and you will hear and will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I guide and direct all men when they will let Me, for remember I am not a respecter of persons, for all are one in My sight.

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  2. #102 Open The Floodgates, Be Absolutely Fearless In The Actions You Take 
    Open The Floodgates, Be Absolutely Fearless In The Actions You Take

    At this time when the whole world situation is in flux, you will be faced many times with many alternatives, but never let this bewilder you and throw you into confusion. Be still and let the right path unfold before you and then follow it.

    When you feel something very strongly do not hesitate, just carry it out even if humanly it may appear as crazy. You may not always know the full reason why you are being prompted to do it and may stand on the brink wondering whether to dive in head first or not. If the prompting persists do something about it. Take the step in faith, cease weighing up all the pros and cons. The one who falters is lost at these very critical times, so stop holding back and swing open the flood-gates. Be absolutely fearless in the action you take.

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  3. #103 Change Can Come So Quickly If You Will Let It 
    Change Can Come So Quickly If You Will Let It

    There are the outer disciplines and obediences in life and then there are the even more important ones deep within every soul, which concern no one else except you and Me. Those are the ones that really affect your life and give you that inner peace and stillness which nothing can destroy when you follow them out. When you truly love Me you will want to obey My slightest whisper.

    Watch yourself and whenever you find you are slipping and wanting to go your own way, pull yourself up immediately and very silently go within and say "Thy way, not mine" and you will find your whole attitude will change in the twinkling of an eye. Change can come so quickly if you will let it.

    Let in the Light and see the darkness disperse instantly. Light, light and more light is what is needed for the darkness cannot withstand the light. You all have a tremendous work to do radiating light. Never let the light within you burn low or go out, keep it burning brightly and ever more brightly. Do all for My sake.

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  4. #104 Tremendous Release Of Cosmic Power Has Awakened Something In Each One Of You 
    Tremendous Release Of Cosmic Power Has Awakened Something In Each One Of You

    This is a time of deep changes within and without for you, a time of much seeking and sorting, of moving into new realms and new dimensions, of opening yourselves up to much you have been unaware of until now. This period of transition is not easy and yet you can help to make it easier by simply going along with all that is happening, by accepting every change without resistance. A flower does not resist when the bud splits and the bloom unfolds. Why should you resist? What is waiting to unfold with each one of you is far more wonderful and more beautiful than any flower and all this is happening Now.

    This tremendous release of Cosmic power has awakened within each one of you something, which has been lying dormant for a very long time and something quite wonderful has begun to germinate within each one.

    You will see the seemingly impossible become possible. You will begin to see humankind at last beginning to see the error of their ways. You will see them realize what they have done to affect the balance of nature and they will want to do something to rectify the wrongs they have done. They will become awakened at last to the things that really matter in life, the things of the Spirit.

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  5. #105 Live In The NOW And Radiate That Perfect Expression Of A Full And Glorious Life 
    Live In The NOW And Radiate That Perfect Expression Of A Full And Glorious Life

    Never let life become too serious or too earnest. See the lighter side and have a sense of humour. I tell you there must be laughter and joy in living otherwise life can become too heavy and depressing.

    Let joy abound. When you feel that joy bubbling up in you, let it come out and share it with those around you. Joy is contagious. One soul bubbling over with joy can affect everyone else so let it bubble over, your feelings of true happiness and thankfulness, in words and actions, and let there be more joy, joy, joy.

    When life is real it does not necessarily have to be earnest and heavy. There is always a light side and funny side to everything if you look for it, so take time and look for it, and cease going around with a gloomy expression and attitude towards life.

    When you learn to live fully in the moment without any thought of tomorrow or any regrets of yesterday, your life will indeed be filled with love, joy and harmony. So simply live in the NOW and radiate that perfect expression of a full and glorious life.

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  6. #106 Live Fully And Joyously In The Ever Present Now 
    Live Fully And Joyously In The Ever Present Now

    Draw a veil over yesterday and accept forgiveness for your faults and failings. You can do nothing about yesterday but you can do everything about today.

    Lean on Me and turn to Me all the time for help and guidance. Learn by every mistake and be determined never to make the same mistake again. That is all that really matters.

    Now is the only time that really matters, so live fully and joyously in the ever present Now Be at peace and be absolutely still and let Me work in and through you, for I have much to reveal to you.

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  7. #107  
    You Are My Hands And Feet

    This spiritual life is very practical for unless you live it, it becomes as nothing but empty words without any Life Force. You have to give it force and life by what you do with it; you have to obey the advice and instruction, which I give you. You have to give it life, hands and feet, for you are My hands and feet.

    Without you to work in and through where should I be? You hold a great responsibility in your hands. All those who hear and read My Word and fail to live it are, failing in their responsibility.

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  8. #108 Allow Nothing To Stand In The Way Of Your Search For Truth 
    Allow Nothing To Stand In The Way Of Your Search For Truth

    Be ever grateful for every deep inner experience, which raises your consciousness and makes you more aware of Me deep within you. Seek not for Truth without but seek it within. In stillness you will find it. Take time to be still.

    Never say you are a seeker after Truth and then fail to be still and seek in the right place. When the desire is great enough you will allow nothing to stand in the way of your search for Truth. You will cease talking about it, cease discussing it and very quietly you will go away alone and take time to be still and seek within.

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  9. #109 Love Is The Key That Opens All Doors 
    Love Is The Key That Opens All Doors

    Open your heart wide and let it be an ever loving, ever grateful heart for everything that is happening. When you do this all difficulties are overcome so quickly and all obstacles are surmounted, for nothing can stand in the way of an open, loving, grateful heart.

    Love is the key that opens all doors. You have the key; use it all the time. Know that no door can remain closed when the key of Love is placed in the lock and firmly turned.

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  10. #110 Changes Are Taking Place All The Time 
    Changes Are Taking Place All The Time

    Every day brings something new in your lives. There is never a dull moment for changes are taking place all the time, always changes for the very best.

    There are new vibrations being released, which raise your consciousness. Be ever open to these vibrations. Go with them, work in harmony with them and grow in strength and stature as you do so, moving all the time into another dimension which enables you to see what is happening in a new light, which keeps your eyes open so you can see My hand in everything. So you give constant thanks for all that is being brought about.

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