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Thread: Guidance Recieved by Eileen Caddy, one of the founders of Findhorn

  1. #41 Become Renewed In Spirit 
    Become Renewed In Spirit

    Do you know what it is like to Be Still? Do you know what it is like to enter the silence and become completely At-One with Spirit and the ways of the Spirit, or are these simply words to you, words that do not mean anything to you? Ponder on this, take it into meditation and see what you can make of it. As you do so, do you suddenly feel a tremendous Life Force flowing through you, do you feel your whole being, being revitalized, renewed; does a complete calm and peace infill you so you feel you are a new being, capable of doing anything," strong enough to face anything, because you have been filled with that vital Life Force which sweeps away all doubts and fears? Do you feel that inner strength which nothing can destroy, and you can lift up your head and look the world in the face, because you know at last exactly where your security lies?

    That is the way you should feel when you have taken time to Be Still and know Me, and have become renewed in Spirit. Do all this consciously, be very aware of what you are doing. Let that peace and stillness, which passes all understanding become absorbed into your being. Obliterate all that is around you, lay all your cares and worries before Me and become that vessel emptied of self, so I can infill you with My Light, My Love and My Life.

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  2. #42 Why Not Become Right Now A Transmitter Of Joy? 
    Why Not Become Right Now A Transmitter Of Joy?

    Let your lives be filled with joy, for joy is the highest state of consciousness. It lifts a soul out of the lower realms into the higher. It is contagious. When you find yourselves in the company of a soul who is bubbling over with joy and thanksgiving, you will find before long you will be doing the same, no matter how down in the dumps you may have been only a short time ago.

    When you can stop and still your whole being, become aware of your true heritage and start counting your blessings one by one, you will find your whole outlook on life changing with great rapidity. You can never pretend to be joyful, it is something which comes from deep within the soul and becomes so great it cannot be contained within and so it comes bubbling out like a pure clear spring of water, and as it gathers momentum and becomes bigger and more powerful the faster it flows and it gathers all before it. Why not become right now a transmitter of joy?

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  3. #43 The Perfect Is There Waiting For You 
    The Perfect Is There Waiting For You

    I tell you never accept second best over anything. It would be best to blot out any mediocre picture completely and then start once again building up the perfect one with My help and guidance. I tell you it is not necessary to accept second best when the perfect is waiting there for you. Limitation is in your own consciousness. Realize this and start, expanding your consciousness right now until there are no limitations, no restrictions.

    When you desire something very deeply and find that desire imprinted in your consciousness all the time, you may be sure sooner or later that desire will be answered. That is why every desire, every need, must be guided and have My hallmark and My blessing so you draw only the very best to you. See before you only the very best, if necessary go on painting that picture in your mind until it is perfect. You can do this with people, with situations, with everything.

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  4. #44 In Absolute Quietness And Confidence You Will Know 
    In Absolute Quietness And Confidence You Will Know

    Take time to be still, take time to listen to My still small voice. Never be satisfied with anything less. My voice is there for all to hear when they learn to become still and listen. Get into that direct contact with Me and leave all else behind. In this way you will not become part of the terrible chaos and confusion, which is rampant in the world at this time, but in absolute quietness and confidence you will know exactly where you are going and nothing and no-one will be able to drag you off that path.

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  5. #45 Deep Within You Lies That Tremendous Life Force 
    Deep Within You Lies That Tremendous Life Force

    Take heart when you are going through times of being stripped of everything which has meant so much to you in this material world, when one thing after another seems to be taken from you until you have nothing left. Accept this time of seeming barrenness, of complete aloneness and realize that deep within you lies that tremendous life force which, when you have learnt to rely on it, will once again start surging through you with even greater force than ever and you will grow in greater stature and beauty as you rely entirely on it, on Me, the Source of all Life, all Creation, and you put first things first.

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  6. #46 Start With Yourself 
    Start With Yourself

    Without love, life becomes barren and fruitless but with love it grows and flourishes. Love is a two-way thing, a giving and receiving. Never sit there expecting to be loved without giving love. The more love you pour out the more you will receive. So when you feel the lack of love, look within yourselves and see where and how you can love more and as you do something about it, love will come pouring in filling your whole life and then going out and out into the lives of others.

    Shoulder your responsibilities and cease looking at the other people expecting them to change. Do something about it and start with yourself. Put your own house in order and see what happens.

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  7. #47 Accept My Wonders And My Truth As Fact 
    Accept My Wonders And My Truth As Fact

    There is so much in life you simply accept. Just look around you: you lift your hand, touch a switch and the room is filled with light. You turn a tap and a glass is filled with water. You press a button and a voice comes over the ethers, you press another button and you see pictures which have come over the ethers. You never stop every time you make these simple actions to think how these things work; you simply do them as an act of faith. So with life eternal; accept it without trying to work it all out. It is all so simple, it is the mind that tries to complicate matters. Become as a little child and accept My wonders and My truths as Fact; they are there for all to accept. It’s as simple as touching a light switch and using the power of electricity to bring light into a darkened room. Learn to use all My good and perfect gifts daily, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, until they become the whole of your life and living, until you are aware that they are indeed the very breath of life and every breath you breathe you are aware of Me, of Life Eternal, and so live a full and glorious life reflecting Me in everything.

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  8. #48 Come Into The Secret Place 
    Come Into The Secret Place

    Enter into My peace this day, shut out all the noise and confusion of the world and
    come into the secret place where there is perfect 
inner stillness and peace which
    nothing can disturb or destroy. Come to terms 
with yourself, with life, cease fighting
    against it.

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  9. #49 Take Time To Be Still And Come Into The Silence 
    Take Time To Be Still And Come Into The Silence

    There is so much to be done, your head spins at the very thought; that is why
 it is so necessary to take time to be still and come into the silence and allow
 everything to fall into place and unfold in the right season, and never try to force the pace and rush anything. My divine plan will unfold in true 
perfection so never hurry anything up. There is a time for construction, 
a time for building, a time for consolidating. When you learn to work with all
 this you find perfect peace of heart and mind and know you are going with the tide,
 you are working in the right season.

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  10. #50 Take Time To 
Be Still 
    Take Time To 
Be Still

    Surrender yourselves completely to Me and to My 
service, do all in My Name and for My sake. When there is negativity in you, you are refusing to let Me in to certain parts 
of your lives. I never force Myself upon any soul, but when you are ready I am 
there waiting and will reveal Myself to you and we shall be one, I in you and you in
 Me. Cease shutting Me out of your lives, share all with Me, let My light shine in 
you and be reflected on the outer. What is within is reflected without. Take time to 
be still, to go into the silence, never be too busy to spend time with Me. I AM
 the source of all life. The more time you spend with Me the more I can reveal to
 you. Never shun Me out of any part of your life.

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