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Thread: Anna Von Reitz posts on the truth of 'legal' issues

  1. #81 The Great Principles — by Anna Von Reitz 
    One of the Great Principles is the Principle of Love. Love is the glue that binds everything together. Everything. Including your body. Love is far more than an emotion with many shades of color. Love is the binding and creative force of the Universe.

    Those who truly love us are never far from us. Those who truly love Mankind often continue to minister to us from beyond the grave. It's not so strange, once you realize that love is literally what binds us together.
    I continued to muse.

    Yes, love is the great binding force, but there is a corollary law, and that is just as important to remember: what we don't love, we lose.
    The Great Principles — by Anna Von Reitz

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  2. #82 The Unknown Past — by Anna Von Reitz 
    This is a history lesson for the people of the United States. Similar confusion about governments exist in almost every country on this earth. While you may not understand Anna's history lesson at first reading it is far more accurate than the historical novels (history books) we were presented with in our schools. Anna and the Living Law Firm seem to me to be the most lucid of all the folks who are looking to restructure reality from the current messy state of affairs to something of considerably greater legitimacy. They have done the research to uncover the truth and provide an avenue of redress to the individual if one so chooses and thereby collectively to the US.

    The Unknown Past — by Anna Von Reitz

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  3. #83 The Most Succinct Explanation of the Banking Problem Ever — by Anna Von Reitz 
    Please be aware of the fact that all the banks are bankrupt by design and by definition. This is because of "fractional reserve banking" being practiced and allowed.

    Fractional Reserve Banking is a fancy name for check kiting---writing more checks than you have assets to cover.

    Banks are allowed to extend 7 to 10 times more credit than they hold as assets, and the assets they hold belong to depositors, so the banks have no skin in the game at all. They are bankrupt by definition from the get go.

    The credit they extend is not theirs to extend. It's yours.

    They write checks based on your assets and credit themselves for this via check kiting, but since they keep the books, they get away with entering whatever digits they want to enter.

    Bankruptcy is a patented business model that is necessary for this fraud to continue. Otherwise, those responsible for this situation would also be accountable for it. But as long as they can claim bankruptcy protection and risk nothing but their depositor's assets, they have no motivation to stop.
    The Most Succinct Explanation of the Banking Problem Ever — by Anna Von Reitz

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  4. #84 A Restatement for the Confused — by Anna Von Reitz 
    It's apparent that at least in some corners, my message is getting distorted, not being clearly understood---- or being deliberately sabotaged.

    We, the American States and People, are not at war.

    Technically, we have haven't been at war since 1814.
    Get those facts very clearly established in your minds.
    1814 not 1914.

    And here is the actual structure of the government that is supposed to be functioning and running this country:

    The Union of republican states known as The United States, fifty in number, in control of the national soil jurisdiction, populated by people who are all American State Nationals who owe no duty to the government beyond keeping the peace. These are living men and women.

    The Federation known as The United States of America, composed of fifty States in control of the international land jurisdiction of this country, populated by People who are American State Citizens who owe their singular allegiance and duty to their State and who run its government. These are people functioning as Lawful Persons.
    A Restatement for the Confused — by Anna Von Reitz

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