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Thread: Anna Von Reitz posts on the truth of 'legal' issues

  1. #31 The Eighth Covenant — by Anna Von Reitz 
    I'm amazed how often those of us responding to the changes going on around us begin to focus on God, Creator or some notion of a universal consciousness. It is also the case that we each have a different point of view. For example Anna's refrences are very Biblical. I don't share those at all and yet the direction of our inner vision is remarkably similar.

    "Those of you who have studied piano know that the keyboard is divided into sets of eight notes called "octaves". The first and last note of each octave is the same, simply resonating at a different frequency.

    Similarly, there are Seven Covenants recorded in the Bible, analogous to the seven separate notes of the musical octave. The Eighth Covenant resonates with the First Covenant --- the Covenant of Adam and the Creation.

    When we speak of a "New Earth" -- take it literally. It is a New Earth that resonates with the Earth of the First Covenant. We are in the Creation Cycle right now."

    The Eighth Covenant — by Anna Von Reitz

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  2. #32 A Letter to the People of the British Isles -- From Everyone Else Everywhere 
    I love Anna's no BS style.

    "We've said some harsh things about your government in recent days and you may be feeling a bit "off" about it and as if you are being beaten about the head and ears when you've already borne about all that you can take.

    What we want to say is that we love you and we always have and we always will, but we can't stand your government.

    Your government is always --- literally always--- at the bottom of every stinking deal, every political faux pas, every act of aggression. Always. And we here in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Africa, India, Mainland Europe and just about anywhere on the planet have suffered for it.

    Perhaps more to the point, so have you. The same crazy, Hell-bent, war-mongering, profit-mad British Government has done as much and more damage to all of you.

    Before they sold us out, they sold you out."

    A Letter to the People of the British Isles -- From Everyone Else Everywhere — by Anna Von Reitz

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  3. #33 About the Art of Bunk — by Anna Von Reitz 
    I'm not going to provide an excerpt of this post. Anna goes into some length in describing the who, why and hows of evil actors on our world. Generally I steer clear of such but her perspective is so clear i felt compelled to offer it.

    About the Art of Bunk — by Anna Von Reitz

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  4. #34 Two posts by Anna on the con game of 'mirroring' — by Anna Von Reitz 
    If you've never heard of the term 'mirroring' you are in for a surprise. I'll just let two of Anna's posts speak to the issue.

    This United States or That United States? — by Anna Von Reitz

    "As we've learned, the favorite fraud technique of these con artists is called "mirroring" ---
    They mirrored the Sacred Office of the Pope with the Secular Office of the Pontiff. They mirrored The United States of America (Unincorporated) with the United States of America (Incorporated).... and so it goes all the way down the line. Sometimes they even multiple mirrored things, as in the case we look at today: The United States (formed by the Colonies under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence) and the United States (the Union of National-Level States of States) and the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States."

    The Public Law and the Private "Law" — by Anna Von Reitz

    "This process of "mirroring" everything is endemic, from the sacred office of the Pope being mirrored by the secular office of Pontiff, and the United States of America, Inc. being passed off as The United States of America (Unincorporated) on down. It therefore comes as no surprise that The United States created by the Colonies back in 1776 has been "mirrored" by the United States exercising powers delegated to it in 1787, and that the Territorial United States and Municipal United States have made merry with the name "United States", too.

    This basic principle of the Satanists holds true throughout their system. They label everything and mirror everything, even the law itself.

    The Public Law is mirrored by their private law.

    Our Sheriffs are peacekeeping officers. Their Sheriffs are law enforcement officers.

    These are two different offices, one public, one private, both called "Sheriff".

    Yet another similar names deceit."

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  5. #35 SERCO, SES, Comments — by Anna Von Reitz 
    "Many of you are aware of the fact that SERCO, a giant British conglomerate, has been----among other things---- acting as Paymaster for our military and the IMF has been paying Social Security pensioners. All our most crucial administrative functions have been out-sourced overseas.

    Serco has also been providing communications and transportation systems (which they then control) worldwide, and otherwise placing itself in positions of key importance impacting the security of our country and many others as well. It is the physical, actual instrumentality of what has been called "the global control network"---- a vast interlocking trust directorate working through incorporated government and agency networks overseen in this country by a highly paid, largely faceless, and totally un-elected entity known as the "Senior Executive Service" --- the SES."

    If you are paying attention to 'the world' and the players that are trying to control it here is one of the biggest generally unknown corporation that has tenacles throughout the world.

    SERCO, SES, Comments
    — by Anna Von Reitz

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  6. #36 The Rest of the Story — by Anna Von Reitz 
    This article may be uncomprehensible to many people unless they have followed Anna's work for some time. It helps to have knowledge of your strawman and other institutional frauds that are at the root of a world kept in thrall to a few who wish to control. Most people are participating in their 'world' without having the slightest idea what they are doing.

    Anyway this article was personally enlightening so I'm adding it here...

    The Rest of the Story — by Anna Von Reitz

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  7. #37 Bob Hurt Pretends, But.... Read On, Campers! — by Anna Von Reitz 
    This is a post by Anna that addresses those people who still believe in that which they were taught and by which they have lived and profited.

    Bob Hurt Pretends, But.... Read On, Campers! — by Anna Von Reitz

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  8. #38 Rat Legacy — by Anna Von Reitz 
    I love Anna's drive for freedom!

    "The rats set up a system for themselves that they patented via misuse of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

    Administration and oversight of the US Patent and Trademark Office is one of the duties that we delegated to the Federal United States.

    When the Federal United States was moth-balled after the Civil War, the Territorial United States began operating the US Patent and Trademark Office, with the result that foreign interests began manipulating our patent processes.

    They also took over the US Copyright Office and abused those delegated powers, too.

    Gradually, over time, the vermin incorporated virtually every government on Earth and established two levels of incorporated government --- territorial and municipal.

    Thus we have the territorial government of Japan, Inc., and the municipal government of JAPAN, INC., and both have been chartered as franchises of the USA, Inc., and the UNITED STATES, INC., respectively."

    So go read the whole article!

    Rat Legacy — by Anna Von Reitz

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  9. #39 Our Address For The Queen — by Anna Von Reitz 
    "While it is wonderfully apparent that our lawful government has suffered Gross Breach of Trust at the hands of several generations of British Monarchs, ruthless mis-representation and mis-characterization, and deliberate theft and violation of international treaties and commercial contracts owed to us, the Queen of Great Britain must be notified and given all assistance and means to make correction--- therefore our unstintingly polite correspondence:"

    Read on...

    Our Address For The Queen — by Anna Von Reitz

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  10. #40 Baby Slave Trade — by Anna Von Reitz 
    "Baby Slave Trade

    One of the chief obnoxious behaviors of our British Territorial United States "service providers" is to convert our names into their labels. They do this to their own people and they have been sneaking around doing it to us, too.

    A friend just sent me a Prize Snippet from Frank O'Collin's work, his Canon of Positive Law, concerning the history and gross misuse of Birth Certificates.

    After you've read these few paragraphs exposing how Birth Certificates came into being, stand back and take a deep breath and realize that this is all 100% anti-scriptural Satanic nonsense which the British Monarchs have promoted for their own profit for going on five hundred years and which they have immorally and illegally foisted off on the people of this country and the rest of the world, too."

    Baby Slave Trade — by Anna Von Reitz

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