Many people are confused and think that the Birth Certificate Bond is something wonderful, a resource that they can seize upon to pay their bills, etc., but this is not true.

You don't have a birth certificate bond. A Municipal citizen of the United States -- a legal "PERSON" operating under your name, has a birth certificate bond. And that bond, which allows THEM to exist and to operate, is no good news for THEM, either. Technically, it's a Performance Bond guaranteeing that the Municipal PERSONS will be good little TAXPAYERS and pay their debts.

The Birth Certificate Bond is an instrument of enslavement imposed on Municipal citizens of the United States.

The Municipal PERSON (conveniently named after you) is the Slave, the Pope is the owner of the Slave-PERSON, and you are the Overseer, responsible for the Slave's Performance. The Pope names you his "Authorized Representative". If the Slave doesn't perform, you go to jail.

Are you beginning to get the drift here? It's an institutionalized Con Game based on principals of Black Magic. The Municipal citizen, the PERSON named after you, is a "poppet" used like a voodoo doll. And it is all run and enforced under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.

And now, beyond these bare nuts and bolts, let's examine the debt and the rationale behind all this mechanism.

Understanding the Birth Certificate Bond --- For What It Is — by Anna Von Reitz