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Thread: Anna Von Reitz posts on the truth of 'legal' issues

  1. #91 Bird's Eye View -- A Public Announcement — by Anna Von Reitz 
    The Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., was entered into bankruptcy by its owner, Pope Francis, September 24, 2015. It was a Chapter 7 Liquidation. No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes, no reorganizations. This corporate bankruptcy ended on November 5th of this year.

    Now, everyone knows that you can't elect a new President for a defunct corporation. It would be a pointless and fraudulent exercise. Whoever was elected "President of the United States" on November 3rd, had nothing to preside over as of November 5th.

    This means that for either candidate to go forward as the Municipal "President of the United States" a different municipal corporation doing business in some form of "United States" would have to be formed and substituted for the now defunct UNITED STATES, INC.

    And the Perpetrators would have to successfully substitute the newly elected President of the now-defunct UNITED STATES, INC., as the President of the other 'United States' corporation left waiting in the wings.

    This is a break in the chain of title and representation, with the title in question being "President of the United States". This creates a thorough break in the continuance of the Municipal Government.

    As a result, the Principals responsible have been notified within three (3) days that we do not accept their Offer of Succession, and specifically, don't accept Joe Biden and Harris.
    Bird's Eye View -- A Public Announcement — by Anna Von Reitz

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  2. #92 Brush Fires or Arsonists -- My New Year's Address — by Anna Von Reitz 
    First, I want to thank all those reading this for taking the time.

    Next, I want to challenge everyone to prove this quote wrong: "Americans are so stupid they will destroy themselves just to appear smart and virtuous."

    We don't need to be smart to see through the hoaxes and lies. If you can keep your kids from raiding the cookie jar, you are up to speed.

    And virtue depends on doing the right thing for the right reasons. The real thing often requires us to do the opposite from what "everyone else" is doing--- at least, at first.

    Like not wearing masks and not getting vaccinated.

    Third, I want all my friends and critics, too, to think about their focus as we move into 2021.

    Every photographer knows that if you focus on a leaf, you get a picture of a leaf, and if you focus on a tree, you get a picture of a tree.....and guess what happens if you focus on a forest?

    What you see depends on where you focus your attention.
    Brush Fires or Arsonists -- My New Year's Address — by Anna Von Reitz

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  3. #93 Once More. Slowly — by Anna Von Reitz 
    Who defines, describes, limits, and charters all forms of corporations worldwide?

    This includes all the statutory and commercial trusts, S Corps, C Corps, B Corps, PC’s, LLCs, Ltds, Cooperatives, Foundations, Cities, Municipalities, States, Tribes, Non-Profits, Nations, Provinces, Commonwealths, Monarchies, Territories and the Offices associated with all of them?

    The Roman Curia.

    This is where all this “stuff” comes from. All the labels and boxes and business structures and political units and subunits are dreamed up by Roman Curia, and this is the way it has been for close to 3,000 years they admit, and 4,100 years in fact.

    Now that you have those flying factoids in your consciousness, consider that under Roman Civil Law, the Creator of something, whether a widget or a bad idea, is responsible for it.

    So the Curia is the creator and stands responsible for oversight of all these airy-fairy creations of theirs, but then, they own them, too—- under Roman Civil Law and it’s codification, Municipal Law—- which applies to non-clerical citizens of the Holy Roman Empire, and Canon Law which applies to the lawyers and priests.

    This entire system which gives order and “hierarchy” to the world comes from Ancient Rome and later, the Roman Catholic Church.
    Once More. Slowly — by Anna Von Reitz

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  4. #94 The LRS for Everyone: an Answer for a Canadian — by Anna Von Reitz 
    I know this is all a bit new to most people, so let me explain that there is a fundamental difference between "recording" something in the public, and "registering" it.
    A Public Record is a land jurisdiction recording and it is what it says it is --- you're just making a public record of a fact, such as the birth of a new baby, or a marriage, or a claim to a copyright or trademark or some possession, be it land or patent or DNA. Our Land Recording System is a computerized, block-chained, scan-based system that establishes such Public Records for people, and does it in international jurisdiction, so it doesn't matter if you are an American or a Canadian or a German. You are basically enabled to establish a Public Record that is visible worldwide and permanently published that records your name, your provenance, your chosen political status -- for example, John Able Smyth, Hydburne, Warwickshire, England, Englishman, born 6th of January 1967....

    A "registration" is a commercial transaction taking place in the international jurisdiction of the sea, in which you are giving up your natural ownership interest in whatever is being registered to the entity that you are registering it with. So, for example, when you "register" your private auto as a "commercial vehicle" you are turning it over to the ownership of whichever State of State or Department or Corporation you are registering it with. They, in turn, issue you a "Title" that gives you control and responsibility for the car which has now been redefined as a "vehicle" subject to the Motor Vehicle Code.

    So when people unwittingly register things, even babies, they are giving up their interest in the car, baby, land, or whatever else, and entering into a subject-liege lord relationship with the entity issuing the "title" or the "birth certificate".
    The LRS for Everyone: an Answer for a Canadian — by Anna Von Reitz

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  5. #95 Robert David Steele: Anna Von Reitz Capstone Overview of National Economic & Legal Re 
    This is as simple a description of the various systems of law that are waged upon this world and why we need a legal and economic reset... not the reset the New World Order folks are pushing toward which is a system of chattel slavery.

    Robert David Steele: Anna Von Reitz Capstone Overview of National Economic & Legal Reset!

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  6. #96 Message to the World Court: Dateline 23rd March 2021 — by Anna Von Reitz 
    The United States of America --- our Federation of States --- was never incorporated. It is a Lawful Person.

    The present crisis is nothing but the end result of a national-level identity theft and credit fraud racket, with multiple bankruptcy frauds added on top of that, all implemented via a double-impersonation scheme, and washed down with more attempts to latch onto living people as private property.

    Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Anthony Fauci, and their European compatriots have endeavored to convert innocent people into property by injecting patented mRNA into our gene codes, and claiming that they have thereby created new genetically modified organisms (GMO's) at a cellular level --- thus trying to take advantage of a loophole in the Patent Laws administered illegally and improperly by SERCO, INC. allowing this outrage.
    You have to follow Anna for some time for this to be completely comprehensible. She is one of the brightest minds for truth on the planet and shares a lifetime of experience and knowledge gained by her research and that of many other people.

    Message to the World Court: Dateline 23rd March 2021 — by Anna Von Reitz

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