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  1. #71 Now is the moment to release ALL self-doubts and negative self-judgments. 
    There is only the One. You all know this, but, as humans living a life in form, most of you have forgotten it, and you have therefore lost your awareness of your divine nature at One with Source. You believe that there is a Being of infinite Love and Wisdom, that there are spiritual realms beyond the physical, and you pray to and honor those in those vast realms whom you mostly believe are way more spiritually advanced than you are yourselves. But how can this be? You are all perfect divine beings created in infinite Love and Wisdom by Source and therefore you are ALL perfect, exactly as you were created. This has never changed, it cannot change because what God creates is eternally perfect and utterly unchangeable.

    Now is the moment to release ALL self-doubts and negative self-judgments, and to accept yourselves fully and completely just as does Source. Your own lack of self-acceptance is the veil or cloak that is keeping your true nature hidden from you, removed from your field of conscious awareness. Let it go in this now moment, as you read or listen to this loving message concerning your refusal to honor and love yourselves as fully and completely as does God. This refusal to accept, honor, and love yourselves – and it is an individual and completely personal choice that you each have made – serves neither you nor Mother/Father/God. It would dishonor Both if your dream was real, but it is not. To dishonor or to insult is of the dream, is unreal/illusory, and is therefore impossible. So relax into Love and begin to know yourselves as Source does – brilliant Beings eternally radiating the Light that is All.
    Now is the moment to release ALL self-doubts and negative self-judgments. — by John Smallman

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  2. #72 You, each and every human in form, is a divinely created child of God. — by John S. 
    As you well know, although you very frequently forget it as you live your daily human lives, we are all One, there is No separation because separation from the One is impossible, the One is All. And humanity is now awakening from the age of forgetfulness into awareness – awareness of the Oneness and indivisibility of All. That growing awareness can be very unsettling because what you had assumed was normal daily life no longer seems to be working, things keep going wrong, and an intense sense of uncertainty – an uncertainty that has always been there, but hidden or denied – leads to anxiety and fear. As I have remarked many times already lots of “STUFF” is arising that needs to be acknowledged, thanked, and released, and this list of ‘stuff’ perhaps appears to be endless. This is because it has been increasing, despite its being hidden or denied for so long, and now it is being allowed – due to your collective choice to awaken – into your awareness and you are having to address it. It is not enjoyable, but it does need to be dealt with so that there is room in your hearts for love to move in as the ‘stuff,’ – the blocks to Love – fear, anger resentment, hatred, and antipathy dissipate.

    Most of humanity has for eons felt alone, abandoned, separate, and this has resulted in a great need to socialize, to be part of a tribe, a group, a religious organization etc., to ease that sense of separation which is unnatural. You collectively made the choice to experience separation, and in fact came to believe that you were separate, and this has caused you enormous pain and suffering over the eons. Joining groups or forming families to relieve or remove that belief could not and did not work, because you knew that death would always arrive to terminate those relationships. And yet, at the core of your being, you had a sense that life could not terminate in death, that it had to have a far deeper meaning than your daily lives suggested. Many poured scorn on those who believed in God and an afterlife, claiming that those who held such beliefs were just too fearful to accept the reality that death was terminal, but those scornful ones were in fact just burying their own fears way below the level of their conscious awareness, fears that would have created an inner turmoil that they could not have avoided addressing.
    You, each and every human in form, is a divinely created child of God. — by John Smallman

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  3. #73 Your presence on Earth at this moment is not a chance accident or occurrence. 
    2021 was a year of “stuff” arising for most people on Planet Earth, and 2022 will be the year in which it all falls away. The human collective, every human presently incarnate on Earth, made enormous progress during the year that has just ended in acknowledging, thanking, and releasing old karmic ‘stuff’ that has been weighing them down for a long time. Now, as they begin to feel much lighter and far more positive about life, they will find themselves uncovering reasons for joy every day in their daily lives. Doing just this – finding a little bit of joy each day – raises your own energy levels and increases the intensity of the Love flow across the planet, the life force that vitalizes every living form.

    Love is the energy, the power, the potential that enlivens the world of form and matter, and there is never any lack because It is always abundantly present. To be depressed – a state that many experience at times, or seemingly constantly – is to partially close yourselves off from It, whereas to be enthusiastic about life is to open yourselves to It. You do have a choice in this, so if it seems to you that you do not, then go within to your holy inner sanctuary and visit with your support team in the spiritual realms – you all have a spiritual support team permanently alert and waiting for you to choose to connect with them – and ask them for help. THEN LISTEN! Your egos always have expectations which are seldom helpful. Listening patiently and quietly without egoic expectations is the key, then trust! You will receive an answer, a message, or an an intuitive knowing that is totally appropriate, although it may not be what you expected to receive, so do not rush to dismiss it, just let it settle gently within you, and come back to review it later.
    Your presence on Earth at this moment is not a chance accident or occurrence. — by John Smallman

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  4. #74 Your divine and holy purpose – Being You Now!— by John Smallman 
    All are One, and you all know that. Yet, because of “the rules of the game”– being a human in form – you have allowed yourselves to forget this eternal and unchanging Truth. The awakening process, in which the human collective recently collectively agreed to participate, is now moving forward very rapidly. You are seeing wonderful signs of this in many locations and circumstances – and yet you doubt! Let go of those doubts, for, like the illusion/dream, they are unreal. To have doubts and dwell on them is a choice many of you keep making – choose not to do so any longer, and when any do arise into your conscious awareness dismiss them immediately, do not dwell on them.

    Yes, many on Earth are experiencing major suffering, and “by being in the world, but not of it” you can be fully aware of this without entering into that experience. Every time this awareness comes to mind due to yet another disturbing news item, or because someone you know and love, or even you yourself are suffering, remind yourselves that there is only Love. Then send Love/Healing to whichever suffering one(s) you have become aware of, but without being drawn into that suffering and thus allowing your energy to be drained by any sense of guilt or shame you may feel in the awareness of knowing that all are one, and perhaps then feeling or believing that maybe you too are in some way responsible. You need all your energy – and you have a limitless abundance of it in every moment – to be able to send the fullness of Love/Healing to those in need.
    Your divine and holy purpose – Being You Now!— by John Smallman

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