Childhood neglect is damaging, but we all know that. But did you know that a sheltered childhood can also be detrimental to your life as an adult?

There are so many ways to raise your child and find balance can be difficult. However, abusive parenting like childhood neglect can leave scars that spread and infect others later in life.

But sheltered children can also carry negative aspects into adulthood. Maybe they aren’t scar-like characteristics, but these ‘ways’ can be toxic.

Living with helicopter parents

So, what’s wrong with protecting and loving your child? Well, nothing. It’s when the protection and love become like a transparent bubble that there’s a problem.

Some parents are so afraid of the world and its negative aspects, that they shelter their children in various ways. They watch the child’s every move, hence the term ‘helicopter parents’.

Maybe parents refuse to let their children have friends or stop them from experiencing new things. Whatever it may be, these sheltered children will exhibit effects later in adulthood, and it will not be either.

Here are a few adverse characteristics that a sheltered childhood can cause that no one really wants to admit.
6 Dangers of a Sheltered Childhood No One Talks About — by Sherrie Hurd