Dear Forum Users,

In the next few months I will reach the magical mark of having posted 10,000 times in this forum. That effort has taken between 2 to five hours a day for the last five years. I felt that each of those posts expressed some aspect of the spiritual awakening/change in consciousness that is going on Earth right now. In a way this is my digital soapbox from which I broadcast other people's points of view to weave a tapestry of Love. For me the effort was priceless. I've learned to appreciate many other points of view.

To celebrate that benchmark I'm going to write an essay entitled "Report From The Front Lines - 10,000 Posts Later". I toyed with the idea of completely quitting this forum project (but leaving it online) and moving my effort to a Patreon page circumstances have allowed me to change direction once more. I won't be spending the time I have in the past on finding other people's points of view but...

I've been imagining a world of Love for the last 49 years. The Theoretics Institute logo was created in 1969 as my first expression of the effort to turn that fantasy into reality. After my 10,000 post I'll create a new forum account and use it for my ongoing projects. I have two in the works... well three if you count finishing the King of Hearts which I'm suddenly able to do.

The first of the two projects will be to collect all my essays in which I imagined what a world of Love might look like... society, economics, government etc. and write some new ones. Of course the final collection will be entitled, "Imagine A World Of Love".

The second project will be entitled, "Burying the Hatchet; A Ceremony of Forgiveness". It is already underway and you can expect to see a couple of new forums here for those projects.

If you happened to read this post last week you'll see it has changed completely. Did I ever mention I don't really know what I'm doing? I do the best I can depending on my circumstances and they changed since last week... much to my delight, I should add.