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Thread: Knowledge is Freedom - Redeeming your Strawman — by Welles

  1. #1 Knowledge is Freedom - Redeeming your Strawman — by Welles 
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    As I wind down my effort here I'd like to leave you all with some valuable information that, until recently has been hard to come by. These three marvelously enlightening articles are about the history of your government as corporation and how you became collateral for their debts without ever being aware of it.

    StrawMan Are You A Person Or Collateral? Does Your Social Security Card Prove You Are Property? Why Capital Letters?
    — Reality Bytes

    Uniform Commercial Code Financial Statement And The UCC1 Redemption Process. You Should Know All Documented Legal Facts!
    — by Reality Bytes

    Filing a UCC1 With the Treasury Department and Redeeming Strawman Account — by Reality Bytes

    Furthermore watch these two parts of an interview to understand more of the history of these shenanigans.

    Sam Davis 2001 Interview pt 1

    Sam Davis 2001 Interview pt 2

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  2. #2 Qanon Gesara - Birth Certificate - The Great Fraud 

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  3. #3 Shocking Secrets About Births and Birth Certificates — a video by Pao Chang 
    Did you know that hundreds of thousands of babies are born on Earth every day? In most countries, shortly after babies are born, their fathers and mothers are told and sometimes even pressured by government agents to register their births. This process allows the government to create a birth certificate for each newborn baby.

    In this fascinating video, I am going to teach you some shocking and interesting secrets about births and birth certificates. To uncover these secrets, we need to investigate the term “birth certificate” and use the art of word magic to decipher it. By the end of this video, you will know why a birth certificate is a certificate of evidence of a birth of a corporation. Keep in mind that a corporation is not a living baby.

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