"Most of us cherish and celebrate diversity, whether cultural or biological. We see the magnificent beauty in the rich and intricate tapestry of life. We understand that there is strength and resourcefulness in difference as much as there is in unity. If and when our species will mature at a point before it’s not too late, we would finally come to universally understand and agree on the fact that diversity and unity are wound together in the same fabric of life and we should finally start aligning ourselves to Nature and the Universe rather than resisting it by fighting it and ourselves. The insanity would stop the day everyone can see the banality of shutting each other’s life or argument whenever difference or diversity is met. To come across diversity or anything that is different from your worldview, is to come across a different, beautiful version of the same thing."

This is a marvelous discourse on the view of 'inclusive diversity' rather than exclusivity.

Why An Inclusive View Of Life Will Help Us Shift To A Brave New World — by Gilbert Ross