"So what exactly is Epigenetics?

What is Epigenetics? defines the term as “in addition to changes in genetic sequence,” but acknowledges the word has “evolved to include any process that alters gene activity without changing the DNA sequence, and leads to modifications that can be transmitted to daughter cells.” As the Tufts University study has shown, these genetic changes were passed down via sperm and embryo to the following generations even without being exposed to the same trauma as the parent or grandparent.

Epigenetics currently sits on the fence between accepted mainstream science and New Age panacea. Scientists who have been hesitant to admit that genes are not static are being forced to rethink their positions, while spiritualists and believers in the law of attraction swear that epigenetics proves that our state of mind directly determines our physical health and body. While the research has been taking place for decades, it is only now coming to be understood that our individual experiences and environmental factors can change us on the genetic level. This could come from not only psychological or emotional trauma, but also outside factors like chemicals in our environment."

What Does Epigenetics Mean for Humanity’s Awakening? — by Derrick Broze