"I recently made a new friend, who like me, also discovered a new passion when she moved to the Netherlands. She is passionate about photography and likes coming up with creative ideas for portraits. She arranged all the elements for this picture, which became the invitation card for her baby’s first birthday party (and the feature image of this post!).

Meeting her is what inspired me to write this post and reflect on the idea of creativity. We are all creative humans, and we are each talented in a unique way. Whether it’s painting, writing, taking photos, baking, or gardening, there is a craft for every one of us. Some identify this craft at an early age, and others (like me and my friend) take some time to unleash their creative side.

However, there are still many people who haven’t accessed their full creative potential yet. If you’re one of them, this post is for you. Here are six ways you can unleash your creative side:"

(these are the six areas of her discussion)

1. Quiet your internal dialogue.
2. Listen to the signs.
3. Let go of perfectionism.
4. Stop waiting for the right time.
5. Eliminate distractions.
6. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Tips to Help You Unleash Your Creative Side — by Jessica Araus